Perkys Books and Gifts Discussion Guide

Perkys Books and Gifts Discussion Guide
Perky’s Books and Gifts
© Evelyn Rainey 2013
Bedlam Press
ISBN 9781939065377

1. Compare and contrast the descriptions of Jeremy and Calvin. Now, using the same criteria and style, describe yourself and your best friend/worst enemy.

2. Several classic Science Fiction novels were given literary “nudges” in this book. Name three of them. Identify which book each alludes to.

3. Before the prevalence of the internet, there were certain books which were not allowed to be sold in “brick & mortar stores” without documenting the buyer’s identification. How do you feel about this?

4. Following the procedures in the book, deal a simple (Past, Present, Future, Fortune, Fate) tarot reading for yourself. If you don’t have a tarot deck, use a “normal” deck of playing cards and add 4 Jokers to represent the Pages. Evaluate the cards and write them down. In one week, return to your reading and describe any responses to it you may have. (If you would like assistance in interpreting the spread of cards, email the author with exactly what cards were laid in which position)

5. Identify as many Star Trek episodes as you can which were alluded to. Match the Perky’s event to the episode.

6. Compose a conversation with a Tobogatan with whom you are stuck in an elevator.

7. The relationship between Maddie and the Colonel drives the story from the beginning to the end. What other relationships (real or fictional) can you describe which are similar?

8. Seth Green and Michael Landon are mentioned as portraying the same kind of character. What was that character? Name three other actors who have played the same type of role.

9. Admit it – have you ever walked into a book store and told the clerk you were looking for a book? What was his/her reaction?

10. Uncle Billy gave one classic hint that he was illiterate while being questioned by Jack. What was it?

11. Maddie doesn’t actually speak in Latin when she babbles. What language is it?

12. This book puts forth the idea that Lazarus might still be alive because once Jesus brings someone back to life, that person can never die. Discuss your feelings and beliefs about this idea.

13. What classic comedy is alluded to during Norman’s funeral? (hint: starring Danny Kaye)

14. What classic fantasy movie is alluded to when Henry gives Kwichatklnds back the betrothal bracelet? (hint: starring Rutger Hauer)

15. The marriage scene does go on and on. Of all the opinions presented by the attendees, with whom would you most agree? With whom would you disagree?

16. Abstinence outside of marriage is advocated throughout this novel (Sam Wayne, Henry and Norman, Maddie and Thomas, and the spritephage demon-bait team). What are your opinions about abstinence outside of marriage?

17. Have you ever fallen prey to a swindler? How did he/she bamboozle you? What was the result?

18. Tell about your most recent experience with a book signing. How did you feel about the author? How did the author feel about being there? Did you buy a book?

19. All of the Cold Case Missing Person/Murder files listed in Perky’s are factual. Choose one and write or discuss a possible solution to the case.

20. One of the creatures described and prevalent in Perky’s is painted on the walls of a 14th century European chapel. What is the creature? What is your stance on the existence of such creatures?

21. If you were a character in Perky’s, would you be a customer or an ambassador? Describe what character you would portray.

22. Billy’s cussing is done symbolically in this book. How do you feel about curse words in novels?

23. You have bought an outfit from Jeremy’s Jresses. Describe the clothing and the event to which you will wear it.

24. Each character changes during the story. Choose one character and describe how friendship in the light of overwhelming differences helped or hurt that one character’s personal path.

25. In the sequel to Perky’s Books & Gifts, Thomas’ twin is going to show up, the Ancient spritephage demoness will return, and true love will again wing its way through the store. What else would you like to see happen?

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