Setting Intentions - An Activity for Moms

Setting Intentions - An Activity for Moms
We have many opportunities throughout the year to assess our lives (for good and bad, but mostly we focus on the bad) and alter the direction we are headed. The turn of the year, for example, is an established place in the calendar when we look at our daily living habits and make resolutions for the better. Our resolutions are often a list of items that need fixing in order to make our lives better, and the outcome – if we are lucky enough to arrive there – is the only thing that will bring us a joy.

An intention, on the other hand, is something that provides direction. It is like an escort, leading us toward our final destination. The pathway is not set in stone and is flexible and adaptable. We are able to enjoy the progress along the way. Intention means “to stretch toward”, and setting intentions allows us to reach toward our best possible selves.

One way to define our intentions is to create a vision board. A vision board is a visualization tool used to help us along the way toward our ideal self and life. Many vision boards revolve around one word – an intention for the week, month, or year. When working with moms, I encourage them to set intentions for their current life but also to dream a little and set intentions around who they dream of being.

Stencils (optional)
Inspirational Quotes
Other little tidbits – sequence, sparkles, trinkets – that make you happy

Step One: Create the Time and Space
This is not something you want to rush through or you won’t feel satisfied. It is also much more delightful when you can participate with a group. Invite some friends to join you. You’ll enjoy watching the various expressions of creativity – even from those who think they are not creative. Make sure you have table or floor space to spread out on. Play inspirational music. Light some candles if you desire. Make some good snacks.

Step Two: Begin to Contemplate
Start to think about what it is you want and what matters most to you - both in terms of your family and your role as a mother and also as an individual. What values do you want to share and demonstrate to your children? What gifts do you want to bestow upon your family? What would make you feel like your ideal parenting-self?

What is it that you long for? What tickles your soul and makes your heart soar? What does your ideal future look like? What would you do if you felt good and capable enough to do?

Step Three: Pictures. Images. Quotes
At this point, some of you will have clear intentions and others will still be mulling it over. Begin to comb through magazines – cutting out pictures, words, or phrases that speak to you or draw your attention. Gather quotes or affirmations that inspire you –from your own collection or online. Some of you will find you have a pile of pictures, and others will have a pile of words. Some of you may have a little (or a lot) of both.

Step Four: Deeper Clarity
Now, you’ve done some thinking on your intentions. You’ve cut out pictures and words from magazines, and you’ve collected some inspirational quotes. If you’re still not sure where all this is going, try a short meditation. A guided meditation will help clarify your intentions. Deep breathing is a great tool for letting your inner wisdom speak. Go for a walk and try to empty your mind. Look at the items you have collected – what are they saying to you?

Step Five: Putting it all together
Begin to set your items on the vision board. You will probably end up moving some things around, so wait until the end to glue them down. As you look at your pictures and the other items you have selected, think about what the image or word represents. What is the goal behind it? And, more importantly, how will you feel when that goal is achieved? Think about the steps you’ll take to fulfill your intention and how you will celebrate the little successes along the way.

Step Six: Hang it up
Find a place in your home to hang your vision board and look at it often.

“Although actions speak louder than words, it is our intentions that reveal our soul.”
– Hal Elrod

May all of your intentions be manifested in reality and allow your soul to soar.

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