Spring Clean Your Focus

Spring Clean Your Focus
It can be tough completing all the pressing items we need to get done. It's hard to attack that enormous list with so many distractions. Mental clarity and staying focused can sometimes mean doing less. Here's an idea: rather than multi-tasking in order to check all the items off your list, how about you focus on one task at a time and do it really, really well?

It's all fine and dandy to unload the dishwasher while you are on the phone. Folding laundry when you (and the kids) watch a television show also pairs nicely. I personally love to iron while a movie I adore is playing. Not that I iron very often. When I do, there is a huge pile to be pressed so a long movie tethers me in front of that ironing board.

Beyond these chores my efficiency on a particular task deteriorates. When I am talking to someone and looking at my computer, I'm not really listening to what that person is saying. If I walk with a friend and my phone begins to rattle and beep, my focus on walking and talking is depleted because that little device steals my attention.

When Spring Cleaning it's best that I hone in on one task. Sure the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher can simultaneously run while I vacuum. Cleaning the bathrooms while cooking, however, not so much.

When I want to focus on bigger things like loved ones and the needs of my home or work, I've found that living in the moment causes me no regrets. Focus on the here and now. Do one thing and do it well. Set aside all your distractions. Without the distraction of a phone, TV, computer or other screen, productivity typically increases. And if you have to get it done, why not get it done as quickly as possible?

While you are making dinner ditch the cell phone. The meal will be created much quicker. Maybe you can talk with your kids or spouse while you chop and sauté. One less distraction like the television or Facebook may allow you to see the benefit of asking your spouse to make the salad while you teach the kids how to set the table.

Consider what you are focusing on and ask yourself if you need to do this right now. As they say, timing is everything. If someone enters the room and you are on your tablet or phone, do your best to put them down. I am sooo very guilty of this. While I may be in the middle of a thought or an email, and just want to get this task over with, in retrospect it would have been best if I had just closed up the electronic device and given my loved ones my full attention.

People know when you aren't focusing your attention on them. There's no such thing as half listening. That just means you only got half of what's going on. Where's the benefit there? You can call that person back. That email can be saved as a draft. A true conversation with the people you love the most will create a lifetime of conversations to come. You want them to come to you to talk. Don't give them a reason to keep it in or to talk to someone else.

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