7 Reasons You Aren't Fun

7 Reasons You Aren't Fun
Webster's defines fun as enjoyment, amusement or lighthearted pleasure. A quote I quite adore states, "Nice guys don't finish last; boring guys do". There's a lot of truth to this. Boring is defined as not interesting or tedious. Synonyms for boring are: dull, monotonous, repetitive, unimaginative and uneventful.

Are you boring or are you fun? My previous article stated reasons to be fun. They include happiness, health, adventure and a positive inner feeling about who you are and how life looks to you. While you may strive to be "fun" there are many ways that you are either letting fun slide or you are just plain boring.

Here is how you know you aren't fun:

You sit in front of a lot of screens. If you are a gamer, a television watcher, a Facebook junkie or have an addiction to videos, odds are you don't do much else. That makes you boring and alone. You aren't even participating in actual conversation with many people on any given day.

You constantly exclaim how busy you are. It's not like the rest of us are lounging on the couch eating bon bons all day. Few of us can remember just reclining in the sun like a cat and doing very little. We are all busy. You being "so busy" is just an excuse for either lame conversation or for staying in and doing nothing.

You talk about yourself. Trust me, you aren't that exciting. Feign interest in others. You may discover that their lives have merit. You might find a common interest or gain some insight when they talk about their kids and you discover yours are just like theirs. You many discover that they are actually quite fun and you are just boring and self-absorbed.

You have a lot of allergies/ailments and tell everyone about them. No one cares about your gluten intolerance, nor do they want to hear about your breakouts or digestive troubles. Listing your aches, pains and problems isn't fun for anyone. You are STILL talking about yourself.

You complain. About life, about your family, about your job. Your digestive ailments as listed above are your primary complaint. You find problems and let everyone know what's wrong with the world. You're bringing people down, dude.

You are political. Politics are not going to go away. Chose another topic. Politics suck the air out of a fun gathering.

You aren't spontaneous. This really should be listed first. Going out at the last minute, juggling your schedule so you can visit with a friend or two is a fun thing to do. Finding reasons to not leave your job early, not take a lunch, not see a friend, just adds to the mundane life you live. Get out and do stuff

While not advocating dancing on tables or being the life of the party (though that is fun as well), you can still have responsible fun and be a generally enjoyable person. Enjoyable people are ones whose company you will likely keep. so go out and discover what fun is.

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