Encounters with Black-Eyed Kids (BEK)

Encounters with Black-Eyed Kids (BEK)
Entities appearing as black-eyed kids with pale skin are a relatively recent phenomena that is continuing to frighten the public as stories pour in about these creatures said to be on Earth to “clean up the planet.” Many sources believe they have been sent by the Reptoid alien species to remove the weakest human beings from our world.

Many sightings of these black-eyed children were reported in the UK throughout the 1980s. The first appearance in the United States was documented by Journalist Brian Bethel in 1998. He was sitting in his car in a movie theater parking lot one night when he was approached by two male children who looked to be around 12 years of age.

They appeared normal in their mode of dress. They said they were there to see a movie, but had forgotten their money at home. They wanted him to give them a ride.

For no discernible reason, Bethel felt very frightened of the boys and did not want to give them their desired ride. The children continued to ask him to give them a ride, becoming more demanding. Although he felt very scared, a part of him did want to open the door and let them into his vehicle.

Upon closer inspection of their faces, Bethel saw that their eyes were very odd-looking. They were completely dark black with no pupils or irises. This compelled him to resist their demands and drive away.

Since that time, there have been many accounts of black-eyed children knocking on people’s doors requesting to use the telephone. The occurrences usually take place around dusk or during the night.

The “children” usually appear to be between the ages of 12 and 17. Anyone approached by these entities always experiences a feeling of despair and unexplainable terror. They will not leave until the individual they have approached closes the door and ignores them.

Most individuals involved in these encounters feel that they might have been hypnotized by the black-eyes in an attempt to get inside the house. Evidently, similar to a vampire, these creatures have to be invited into the home or vehicle to make an entrance. They aren’t interested in drinking an individual’s blood, though; they want to eat our souls.

No reports from anyone who has succumbed and invited these creatures into their homes have been received. Law enforcement officials from a rural California town were called by neighbors to investigate a house in which the entire family had disappeared. The neighbors who had called the police said that some black-eyed children had knocked on their door a few nights prior requesting to be let in, but they did not grant the request. Evidently the BEK moved on to the next house.

The most famous case of a black-eyed kid is the one in Crannock Chase in the United Kingdom. Psychic Christine Hamlett claims to have had a face-to-face encounter with this girl whom she believes died in a diphtheria outbreak many years previously. Footage captured by a drone in the area recently is believed by some to be that of the black-eyed girl of Cannock Chase. However, this case does not appear to be related to the BEKs who are supposedly here to clean up our planet.

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