Time Travel and The Beatles

Time Travel and The Beatles
A gentleman calling himself James Richards claims to have received a cassette tape of a Beatles album called Everyday Chemistry. What’s incredibly fascinating about this statement are two major details: The album was recorded after the Beatles disbanded; and, Richards claims to have obtained the compilation via a time travel incident.

On September 9, 2009, a beautiful clear late summer afternoon, Mr. Richards and his dog were driving home to Livermore, California (in the San Francisco Bay area) from Turlock, about 60 miles east. Who could resist taking the scenic less-traveled scenic route by Del Puerto Canyon?

The duo had ventured into the canyon when Richards stopped to let his friend out for a bathroom break on the side of the road. His buddy took off running after a rabbit, and Richards was about 40 yards behind when he “stepped in a rabbit hole,” fell to the ground and knocked himself out.

Richards states that upon awakening he found himself “in a room with some furniture and electronics” and machines that he didn’t recognize. His head had been bandaged. He was very uncomfortable to note the sound of traffic outside the room. He knew he had last been in an area with few people and no houses.

Although he couldn’t see out the window, the room inside appeared as a typical room in any home other than the odd machinery. He was on his way to look out the window, when a door opened and his dog ran into the room, obviously very happy to see his human.

Standing in the doorway of the room was a man who introduced himself as Jonas. He was of slightly above medium height, with longish black hair and clean casual attire. The feel Richards picked up from the individual was “greasy.”

The man asked Richards if he was alright and explained in reply to his inquiry, “where am I,” that he was 20 feet from where he had found him unconscious in a field with his dog barking next to him.

The dark-haired man went on to relay a fantastic story that Richards had trouble believing initially. He was told that he had been transported into “parallel Earth.”

Jonas went on to relate that he had traveled to Earth, and found Richards on the ground with no one to help him in his unconscious state. He made the decision to go against his self-imposed rule of not taking outsiders through the portal because he knew the unconscious man needed help immediately.

In answer to his many questions, Jonas explained that in his world, a time machine can be purchased relatively easily. Although they are not cheap and often quite dangerous, they are not uncommon items.

As there are “an infinite amount of Earths in other dimensions, only a small amount have been explored.” He also told Richards that people often die when entering another dimension through a portal from falling if the ground is too far from the portal opening; drowning if the world entered is covered in water as it is very difficult to reopen a portal under the water; and other issues. The government in the 1950s of his world actually chose to spend money researching “safe” worlds and creating safe landing spots in other dimensions of Earth rather than continuing with the space exploration program.

Jonas worked as an explorer for a dimensional travel agency. He was looking for any “uncharted dimensions” when he found Earth.

As they conversed, Jonas and Richards discovered many similarities and differences in their worlds. As their talk led to music, naturally The Beatles came up. Jonas stated that his brother had just returned from a concert. Evidently, in hs world they are all healthy, alive and still performing together.

Jonas displayed a collection of cassette tapes (no CDs) that iincluded the same songs as we have in this dimension, but also included some album titles that Richards did not recognize. He asked Jonas if he could make him a copy of one of these. It was obvious from Jonas’s reaction that he did not want Richards to take any object with him from this dimension.

However, Richards was not able to resist temptation; and, when Jonas left the room to answer the door, he filched one of the cassette tapes. He told Jonas when he returned to the room (no further mention of a visitor at the door) that he was hungry.

They went into another room, where Richards was fed similar foods to what we eat here, although with different product names and colors including purple ketchup.

The day wore on the same as it does on this dimension, and Richards said he needed to get back. They returned to the room Richards had found himself in initially and parted amicably. (I have to wonder how Jonas felt after he discovered he has been robbed!)

As Richards and his dog went through the portal, they had the sensation of feeling wet and dry at the same time. Richards said his dog even shook itself afterwards.

The vehicle was on the road where Richards had left it, “and there was a straight line burn mark on the ground where the portal had shown up.” The sun had set in our world, and Richards drove home in the dark.

Mr. Richards purchased a cassette player to listen to the music on the tape, and the “album” has been uploaded to youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9KHsNU-prs&list=PLCA060A374417C6B1. The name on the card sleeve on the original cassette Richards found was “Everyday Chemistry,” and the track names were included as well.

To contact Mr. Richards: https://www.thebeatlesneverbrokeup.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1&Itemid=53

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