Shirley Jones Returns to Haunted Home

Shirley Jones Returns to Haunted Home
A few years ago, I wrote about paranormal event that the lovely actress Shirley Jones experienced at a vacation home in Westchester County, New York, in 1968. She talked about the experience on Celebrity Ghost Stories in 2010. You can read about her story at

In 2014, Shirley returned to the old house with Psychic Medium Kim Russo on The Haunting of Shirley Jones to get some answers about the ghosts and why they wanted to hurt her years ago.

Even before her arrival, Kim felt the presence of the spirits of an “elderly, stately man” wearing a sailor’s hat, a younger adolescent male, and a woman suffering from pain in her head.

Upon seeing the house for the first time, Shirley noticed that it has been renovated and painted; and, there was no sign of any damage from the explosion that had occurred the day after she left in terror in 1968.

Kim and Shirley discussed that the house was most likely built in the 1700s by a sea captain. Kim believed that this might be the stately gentleman wearing the hat whose spirit was still in the house.

In the kitchen, Shirley talked about how the cabinet drawers would close by themselves while she was setting the table. The cabinets are different now, and located in another part of the kitchen. Kim felt it was the spirt of the adolescent boy who was actually trying to help her set the table. He wanted to be a part of the family.

Kim felt the presence of the woman with the head pain. She had the feeling that this was a woman who died of brain cancer. She wanted Shirley to know that she was with her father, “Gordon.” Shirley responded that Gordon MacRae (actor who starred with Shirley in Oklahoma), had a daughter that died young (Meredith McRae, actress in Petticoat Junction) of brain cancer.

Shirley added that Gordon’s wife came to the house and stayed one night with her during that time in 1968. She immediately felt something strange upon entering the house. That night in her room, the door had slammed shut and would not open terrifying her. She left right away. Over the next couple of days after Sheila left, the activity increased.

Kim asked Shirley about the names Stephanie, Paige and Allison. They don’t spark a memory with Shirley, but one of the crew speaks up and says that his little sister’s name is Stephanie; his niece is Stephanie Paige; and, his older sister’s name is Allison.

The room with the fireplace is where Shirley wants to go next. The entire room is closed off; and, the fireplace is now closed off and no longer in use.

The impression Kim got about the man and adolescent boy was that they are father and son. One or both of their names are John. Research shows the sea captain who built the house was named John. His son was named Johnny. He died in the house at the age of 14 in 1842.

Upon visiting the attic where Shirley had felt the sound of the bouncing ball had originated, Kim felt that this was the boy’s bedroom. The spirit had not left because he couldn’t find his mother. She felt that the mother had died in the house when he was very young. Research showed that Johnny’s mother, Hannah, died when he was only a year old.

Kim felt strongly that the boy, Johnny, wanted Shirley out of the house all those years ago because he knew the fire was going to happen. He was scaring her to save her life.

All of us Partridge Family fans can be grateful to little Johnny for saving the life of Shirley Jones in 1968. It was less than two years later that The Partridge Family debuted.

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