Haunted Hawaii Plantation Village

Haunted Hawaii Plantation Village
Hawaii’s Plantation Village, located in Waipahu, is an outdoor museum of more than 25 restored buildings representing the history of Hawaii, and the immigration of many people from a variety of cultures to work on the original sugar plantations. There are reports by staff that half of the 25 buildings are haunted.

Some of the paranormal activity witnessed includes apparitions of a father and daughter appearing in the Portuguese house. The spirit of the daughter favors females and she likes to touch them and play with their hair.

This entity was first observed when a family of three was touring the Village. A little boy, approximately 11 or 12 years of age, asked who the girl was standing behind the tour guide in the Portuguese house. No one other than the little boy saw the girl. Not long after this, visitors began to see doors close by themselves.

According to the story, the daughter was born with a misshapen head; and, the mother abandoned her family soon after the birth of her baby. The father hid his daughter from the neighbors; and, would tie her to “a table leg while he worked all day in the fields.”

A priest was called in to give a blessing to the house, and the sightings did stop; but, only for a short time.

Noah Laporga, an employee at the village, has received reports that visitors have had difficulty breathing; and, as well as feeling of pressure on their chest or throat.

Not long ago, a young lady who worked a night shift at the house, found bruises in the shape of handprints on her leg. Bruises also appeared on the leg of the lady who replaced her. They no longer allow their staff to work alone in any of the houses.

There have been reports of banging pots and pans in the Japanese home. In the Filipino home, doors unlock on their own and a lady dressed in 1930s clothing often appears.

Moira, a storyteller for the Village, talks about seeing children visitors talking with someone no one else could see.

Jeff Higa, Executive Director at the Plantation Village, has had apparitions appear to him when he has been working alone at night. He said that security workers don’t last long at the Village either. His longest hire lasted only two weeks. His shortest only two days. This one came to him and explained that his dog would sit and bark at something in front of him, but there was nothing there. After only two days, he said he had had enough and just couldn’t take it anymore.

Each October, the Village is transformed into a haunted event for visitors to enjoy. The professional actors hired to be part of the show often don’t make it through a performance. Many “leave during the middle of the show because they are unable to handle their own run-ins with the real spirits who haunt the grounds.” During a period of eight years, more than 40 actors walked off the job as they were too frightened to remain through the night to scare visitors to the event.

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