Past Ghost Stories from St. Louis

Past Ghost Stories from St. Louis
I recently found an interesting story in the 26 Feb 1888 edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch containing a few local St. Louis ghost tales.

G. Anderson, a worker in Lafayette Park, talked about a little boy who drowned near the fountain the first year boating was allowed on the lake. The mother was in agony with the loss. For weeks after her son drowned, she would spend every evening in the park looking at the spot near the fountain.

Mr. Anderson overheard the grieving mother talking one evening when he was passing by the area. He didn’t see anyone around her, and wondered if she was losing her mind from the pain. She told him she thought she had seen her son.

After that evening’s encounter with the heartbroken mother, Mr. Anderson saw the boy near the fountain twice.

Jim Busby and his wife saw a ghost one summer night while driving their horse and buggy down Olive Street.

They were headed toward town “when suddenly my horse cocked her ears and began to sidle across the road.” His wife called to him to look. Although the day was rapidly losing light, fifty yards in front of them, they were able to see a white object.

“It was not a human form, though I could distinguish a woman’s bust and head. My horse had come to a standstill, and my wife clung to me, almost frightened to death.” Mr. Busby went on to say that the “ghostly thing glided along in the dusk.” As he urged his “trembling” horse onward, they passed only a few feet from “a lady clad in a white wrapper grazing a small white pony on the lawn.”

A female patient of a St. Louis physician was convalescing in a well-known local hospital. One day as she was walking down the corridor, she passed by another patient’s room and heard a “piercing scream.” At that moment, “a woman wrapped in white swept by accompanied by a cold air.” She later learned that the woman she had seen had already died. Strangely, she was also the only one to have heard the scream.

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