Marriage Combines Two Souls

Marriage Combines Two Souls
All across the world men and women are taking one of the biggest steps of their lives; they are becoming bride and groom, husband and wife – they are getting married.

Looking in from the outside, this may not seem like such a big deal. But if you have ever seen an episode of “The World’s Funniest Home Videos” and counted the number of times the groom (and the bride) has passed out at the altar, then you know this is not just some walk in the park. Months if not years go into planning a wedding, especially for little girls. Look at the number of Barbie dolls out there dressed in wedding couture if you need proof.

So what makes this day so special? Especially if a couple has been engaged, or even living together for a number of years – why does this one ceremony become such a huge deal?

We need to look to ancient mythology to get an idea of the importance of this day.

In “Plato’s Symposium” it is theorized that all humans were created with four arms, four legs, and one body with two faces. But King Zeus feared the power of such a creature – and separated them, thereby causing us to spend the rest of our lives searching for our soul mates. Another theory derives from the Christian story of Adam and Eve. Believing that God created Adam first and Eve from the rib of Adam – they were actually conjoined twins, but because of the evil that Eve let into the garden, God separated them, once again causing us to forever be on the lookout for our soul mate.

Being a Soul mate denotes much more than just being sexually compatible. It includes love, understanding, shared values, the ability to complete one another.

Once a soul mate has been found, it is important to bind that relationship through the ritual of marriage.

Although these rituals vary from religion to religion and all over the world – they nonetheless share many similarities.

The kiss. Almost all marriage ceremonies end with a kiss between bride and groom. While most of us watching from the pews think “ahhhhh, how sweet.” There is actually much more than just a promise of the consummation to come. In Norway the kiss seals the contract of marriage. It also represents the sharing of souls between man and wife. The kiss carries the same symbolism in Belarus – the combining of souls within the marriage. In Belgium it is taken even a step further, in that it is believed the bride and groom breathe in a portion of the other’s soul during the wedding kiss.

There are other symbols of uniting the bride and groom. In Mexico a white ribbon or rosary called a “lasso” is bound around the wrists of the bride and groom to symbolize the uniting of the couple. In Guatemala it is a silver cord that is bound in the shape of a mobius - the never ending loop, to tie the couple together. The Philippines pin a portion of the bride’s veil to the groom’s outfit, and then a white stole is wrapped around the couple. And in New Zealand a Lazo is placed around the couple in a figure 8 pattern as they kneel for the blessing, and is not removed until the reception and dancing begins.

In South Africa the tradition of the Unity Candle has been taken one step further to a beautiful conclusion. At the end of the ceremony, the family of the bride and the family of the groom each go to their houses and gather a fire of embers to bring to the newlyweds new home and hearth. The first fire started in the new home is kindled by the combination of fires from the bride and the groom’s family.

Finally, in all cultures, there is the ring. A perfect circle of gold – never ending, always going on. The ultimate symbol of what marriage should be.

Marriage is meant to be a union of souls. Is it any wonder the, that divorce hurts so much? Divorce is ripping that melded soul apart.

Instead marriage is meant to last forever, yes it will change- we as people change. But a marriage should grow just as the bride and groom grow. But the souls combined are now one, and should grow stronger and deeper as the years go by.

Grow old along with me
The best is yet to be
When our time has come
We will be as one…
Grow old along with me
Two branches of one tree
Face the setting sun
When the day is done…
Spending our lives together
Man and wife together
World without end
World without end
Grow old along with me
Whatever fate decrees
We will see it through
For our love is true
God bless our love
God bless our love
- John Lennon

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