LoCarb Breakfast Bar

LoCarb Breakfast Bar
The LoCarb Breakfast Bars have only 2g impact carbs, in a 1.76oz / 50g little moist bar. I have an issue with the tiny size - and with the quality.

First, my first bar I opened up with a Blueberry Muffin bar. It has a great image of a blueberry muffin on the front. Talk about not-quite-accurate advertising! The bar is a white-coated generic texture blah extruded item. Not only that, but there literally was a grey / white hair embedded into the white coating, that I had to pull out of it. If I was a more money-grubbing person I would have run off to my lawyer with it. It's not quite a finger, but it was still pretty gross. Instead, I pulled out the hair and ate from the other end.

Did I mention a boring texture? Remember those old play-dough toys that let you squish out play-dough into various shapes? It was just a moist mush inside a white coating. I suppose it vaguely tasted like blueberry muffin. Vaguely. It only has 10% of the vitamins in it. So you'd have to eat 10 to really care about the vitamin content.

OK, on to the Cinnamon Bun. Another gorgeous image of a hot cinnamon bun on the cover. Another super-boring white-coated bar inside. No hairs (at least visible ones). Taste?? Now, c'mon, we've all had sugar-free cinnamon candies. They taste like cinnamon! This is only vaguely cinnamon.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that apparently this tiny bar has **19g** of sugar alcohols in it? Those people who rant and rave about small amounts of sugar alcohols in products are going to have a field day here. This isn't the typical 4g-5g of sugar alcohols that has sensitive people calling foul. This is a boatload. Eat at your own risk.

I was really disappointed. I had high hopes for these things. But I suppose some things just need more research before they catch on in the marketplace. For the press that whine about low carb products failing, here is a reason why. They just really aren't very good in some cases.

Not well recommended - I don't believe these are even on the market any more. For good reason.

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