Sugar Free Milano Cookies

Sugar Free Milano Cookies
Milano cookies have always been one of my special treats. They now have a sugar-free version, for more healthy desserts!

First, the stats. For 3 cookies, you get 21g of carbs - of those 6g are sugar alcohols and under 1g is dietary fiber. It may be sugar free - but it is not carb free! The #1 ingredient is wheat flour. So you can't eat entire bag-loads of these things. Still, it's better than the normal version, so at least if you're going to have a Milano, you're making progress here.

How does it taste? I found it slightly drier than a normal Milano, a bit more flaky They do the best they can without sugar, but it's not going to be exactly the same. The chocolate taste is, of course, perfect. If there's one thing that low carb / sugar-free people have perfected, it's the taste of sugar-free chocolate. So that is wonderful. Now they just have to figure out how to make a cookie flavor without wheat :)

Aside from that slight dryness, it really was very tasty. I know that it would seem easy to just gobble down an entire bag. But it's that massive overconsumption that leads people to gain weight. You need to learn to savor your food. How much can you really appreciate a food if you eat it mindlessly while watching TV? Instead, put on some music. Pour a cup of sugar-free hot cocoa or tea. And sit back and talk with a friend, savoring each cookie. You'll find that three cookies is MORE than enough and that you really love each one.

Well recommended!

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