Bead Drop Prom Necklace Project - Completion

Bead Drop Prom Necklace Project - Completion

This is the second part of a two-part project. Click here for part one.

12. Go back to the single-strand thread and needle, and pass the needle through the first 33 beads you strung on in Step 10, and then out again. (Go through the beads a few at a time, bringing the needle out, pulling the thread taut, and then bringing the needle back in again.

13. To begin the first drop, string on one seed bead, one pearl, one faceted glass bead, and another seed bead, in that order.

14. Bring the needle back up through the faceted glass bead, the pearl, and the upper seed bead, in that order.

15. Position the drop against the nearest bead on the double-strand (toward the bead-tip end of the strands), and pull the thread taut.

16. Loop the single-strand thread around the double-strand thread and then back through the loop you just created (as shown below) to create an overhand knot. Pull the knot tight. Note: This step is important for maintaining proper tension in drops (also called fringes) as you create them.

17. String the needle into and through the next four beads on the double-strand thread, and out again. Pull the thread taut.

18. Add another drop by repeating Steps 13 through 16.

19. Continue adding drops, separated by groups of four beads, until you have a total of 8 drops.

20. String the needle through all of the remaining beads in the double-strand of thread, and bring it out again at the end. Pull the thread taught and remove any significant spaces of bare thread that are visible between beads.

21. String the second clamshell bead tip over both needles and onto all three strands of thread, with the open clamshell facing away from the beads, and position it against the last bead.

22. String a seed bead over both needles and onto all three strands of thread.

23. Tie a very loose overhand knot around the seed bead, using all three strands of thread.

24. Insert a needle part-way into the loose knot, and use the needle to help slide the knot - with the seed bead - into the open clamshell of the bead tip.

25. Apply a drop of glue to the seed bead inside of the clamshell, and use chain nose pliers to squeeze the clamshell closed around the seed bead.

26. Use small, sharp scissors to trim off the thread protruding from both bead tips, as close to the closed bead tips as possible.

27. Attach the clasp to a jump ring, and insert the jump ring into the hook at the end of one of the bead tips.

28. Use the tips of chain nose pliers to squeeze down the end of the bead-tip hook to hold the jump ring and clasp securely in place.

25. Attach the other jump ring to the other bead tip, at the other end of the necklace.

The completed project:


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Feel free to post in the Jewelry Making Forum with questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this project.

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