Geni Soy Potato Soy Chips

Geni Soy Potato Soy Chips
Every once in a while, a low carber misses the crunch and saltiness of chips. These Geni Soy chips have a good texture with less carbs than normal chips.

It's important to note that these are not low carb chips. They are in essence high protein chips, with 4g of protein per serving. In a serving of 20 chips (which are QUITE filling!) you have 16g of carbs, with 2g of fiber, meaning 14g of carbs total. That is quite a lot for a person in induction - but is rather reasonable (and low) for a person maintaining their weight.

I found the texture in these chips to be quite great - crisp, good body, quite tasty! My complaint with soy chips is always that they have a dusty flavor, so this time around I made up some traditional onion soup dip. This involves:

Lipton onion soup mix: 2g / 2 Tbsp
1 container sour cream: 1g / 2 Tbsp

In essence you mix an entire container of sour cream with an entire packet of Lipton onion soup mix. The entire vat of dip ends up being 62g - but you eat it in 2g servings. That ends up being about 4g per serving. That's about just right for the serving of chips - to give it a nice, creamy flavor that goes well with the crispy chip and covers up the dusty nature of the chips.

In fact, I normally get full with about 10 chips, which is only 7g of carbs. So really your entire snack is about 10g carbs total, which for a really nice snack works very well with a maintenance level of low carbing.

Not recommended for the person trying to lose a lot of weight - but if you're craving chips, this is a good alternative to the high-carb normal chip!

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