Dream Symbols - Amusement Park

Dream Symbols - Amusement Park
We go to amusement parks to escape day to day problems and stresses, break the rules by gorging on unhealthy food and sometimes even deliberately scare ourselves. Analyzing a dream about visiting an amusement park can be very helpful toward analyzing your stress level and finding clues for bringing it back under control.

Are you relaxed, happy and having fun? Perhaps you're working too hard and just need to nurture yourself by doing something fun. What kinds of rides or games are you participating in? Are you winning prizes at the game booths? This may symbolize a desire to be rewarded for skill or hard work. A slow, relaxing ride on the ferris wheel may symbolize upward progress. A wild, frightening ride on a roller coaster may symbolize that you're on an emotional roller coaster in waking life. Are you scared senseless in the House of Horrors? What monsters may be lurking in your life? Are you facing them or avoiding them? Cruising the Tunnel of Love may symbolize a need to renew your current relationship. If you're unattached, it may be time to actively seek love.

Identify the other symbols in the dream such as people and other events and record the dream in your journal. Reflect upon how the dream relates to your waking life. The answer will become clear in time.

May all your dreams come true!

Parthena Black is a professional social worker and ordained minister with experience in tarot and runes. For private spiritual counseling and intuitive readings via e-mail, please visit her at oymygoddess.com.

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