Clear Clutter By Choosing Quality Over Quantity

Clear Clutter By Choosing Quality Over Quantity
One of the most challenging aspects of getting and staying organized is clearing the clutter. Clearing clutter, theory at least, should be easy. After all, it's really about weeding out the things we longer use or need. And if we don't use or need them, we should just be able to let stuff go. But it's not that easy, is it?

There are many of reasons why letting go of excess stuff is a challenge, but of the biggies is that we live in a culture that emphasizes quantity. Super sizes, multi-packs, buy one get one deals – there's a ton of focus on having more. It's hard to resist saying yes to more, even when or perhaps despite that fact that you don't need or want more of whatever it is. However, that doesn't mean you should give up and just succumb to this all too human tendency. My trick - I ask a refocusing question when I am tempted to hold on to - or accept - something I don't need or want.

It's a simple question – Does this add to the quality of my life? If the answer is no, it's a clear sign that whatever the object is, it needs go. The reason it needs to go is that if it isn't adding quality, then by default it's robbing quality from my life. If I have to care for something that isn't helpful to me, then I am expending energy in way that isn't smart.

I suppose you could say one of my life tenets is that I choose quality over quantity. I do this not just with things, I do it with activities and relationships as well. Is it sometimes challenging? You bet. Letting go takes practice, even when the right choice is very clear.

To be clear, choosing quality over quantity doesn't mean that your home needs to be full of expensive stuff, that you have to where designer labels, or that you can only take high end vacations. Rather, it means opting for the things that will add value. Sometimes it means waiting for something better to come along. For me, most often at least, value come from simplicity. I enjoy really simple things. I would rather have one pair of jeans that fit just right, than six pair that don't truly flatter. I would rather sit by the lake than go to a spa. I would rather read a book than go to a show. I would rather spend leisurely time in the kitchen than go out for a meal. But that's just me. You have to define what quality means to you. And there is no right or wrong.

Try surrounding yourself with only the things you use, love and value, then watch what happens. When you choose quality over quantity, you'll automatically increase the quality of your overall life.


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