Battle of the Beers - Canned Beer vs. Jim Koch

Battle of the Beers - Canned Beer vs. Jim Koch

Has Boston Beer Company/Samuel Adams founder Jim Koch been kidnapped by aliens and replaced with a clone? Perhaps the heat of the summer has given him a touch of sun-stroke?  Oskar Blues Brewery, the leaders of the “Canned Beer Apocalypse,” are not the only ones questioning the sanity of our beloved Jim Koch. The eyes of The Beer Fox are flashing lightning bolts at the launch of Koch’s recent “Beer Drinker’s Bill of Rights” campaign.

According to Koch, one of the “rights” of beer drinkers reads:“Beer shall be offered in bottles, not cans, so that no brew is jeopardized with the taste of metal.” Jim Fisher of the Ball Corporation confirms that beer cans and their lids are lined with a water-based polymer that prevents any exposure of the beer to metal surfaces. This mis-perception amongst beer drinkers leads to “bad press” for the lofty microbrewery that lovingly hand-cans’s highest-rated Scottish ale, Old Chub Scottish Style Ale - Oskar Blues Brewery in Lyons, Colorado.

Do you get my drift, Beer Lovers? Cans do not give beer a metallic taste!

A metallic taste profile, with a characteristic tinny or bloodlike sensation similar to sucking on a rusty nail, may be caused by high concentrations of iron in brewing water. The hydrolysis of lipids in malts that have been improperly stored or the cleaning of stainless steel without oxidizing the surface (to reduce chemical activity) can also add a metallic taste to beer. Exposure to iron or aluminum may impart this metallic impression, but this is more commonly found among novice home brewers who are not well-versed in the proper choice of brewing utensils. If the taste of metal exists, it is infused into the beer before it ever touches a can or bottle!

This is good news for beer-loving outdoor-folks who may want to do some mountain biking, hiking, or camping. A well-made microbrew-in-a can is extraordinarily refreshing, transports easily, is lighter in weight than bottles, and is easy to recycle – adding to the benefit of preserving the majesty of mountain trails and rushing streams.

Kudos need to be given to Dale Katechis, founder of Oskar Blues Brewery, and Steve Schott, head brewer, for their persistence in producing beautifully-balanced beer – and having the tenacity to stick with the belief that “cans” offer“Best of Show.” Protected from light, beer in cans offers the added benefit of having minimal exposure to dissolved oxygen – enhancing freshness and preserving the brewer’s creative work.

Beer Fox Recommended Oskar Blues Canned Wonders:

Dale’s Pale Ale kicks out at 6.5% abv, enhanced by the bold balance of European malts and premium American hops. This glowing amber ale grabs your attention, while converting bottle-lovers to the delights of “the can.”

Old Chub Scottish Style Ale, (mentioned above), combines the abundance of crystal and chocolate malts with smooth, beechwood-smoked sweetness, luring your taste-buds with its 8% abv and velvety profile.

What better way to be enticed than by the intimate seduction of a cool, smooth can of golden miracle juice?



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