Summer Daughter Safety Tips

Summer Daughter Safety Tips
While there is no way to guarantee insulation from crime, there are ways to minimize the risk. During the summer or vacation time, we would love to think of nothing but memories and good times that you will have together. Instead, we must think of safety first. Imagine spending time thinking about household fires, break-ins, getting lost, robbed, or even child abduction. Here I will give you safety tips for when your daughter is home during the day to tips on how to avoid child abduction.


Teens and pre-teens may think that they are invincible, but of course as moms and dads, we know better. We must enforce safety rules yet teach kids to make good decisions when an adult is not around.
• Leave easily prepared food (which would not require heating)
• Lock up all detergents, poisonous substances, matches, lighters, guns etc..
• Knives and sharp objects (to prevent accidents or unforeseen circumstances)
• Inform the neighbor (make sure they know your daughter is home alone)
• Call backs (make sure you call to check on things throughout the day)
• Numbers (make all numbers available to your daughter, neighbors, office, cell, police etc..)
• Make sure she never let a caller at the door or phone, know she is home alone
• In case of fire make sure your daughter knows the “stop, drop and roll” rule and to then get out and call for help


• Don’t display expensive jewelry, cameras, bags and other items that might draw attention
• Don’t take out large amounts of cash to pay for items
• Don’t discuss your activity plans out in the open
• Check maps before you go out (so it won’t be so obvious that you are a tourist)
• Stay on well-lighted and well-traveled paths at all times
• Teach your daughter about strangers and what to do if she gets lost
• Your daughter must wear identification while on vacation (their name, parents names numbers and or medical information etc)
• Talk to your daughter about” what being lost means” and what to do if they become lost
• Keep your daughter close to you at all times (children like to run ahead of parents out of excitement, don’t allow)
• Use a door alarm on your hotel door while on vacation to protect you and from an intrusion or from your child leaving the room without you knowing it
• Teach your daughter to drop on the ground and scream loudly “he/she is not my dad/mom HELP!” If someone tries to take them
• When you realize your child is lost (don’t look for them alone) call for help
• Make sure you have a recent photo of your daughter so that you can hand over to others looking for your her
------ Please be fair and double all of the listed safety tips for children with special needs-----

Do not leave your common sense at home. "You are more vulnerable when in unfamiliar surroundings” Stay safe. Be aware of your surrounding areas at all times. Have a plan and enjoy your summer vacation!

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