Earth 2 Complete Episode Guide

Earth 2 Complete Episode Guide
"Earth 2" aired on NBC during the 1994-1995 season. The premise: a woman whose son is dying of a sickness related to humanity's habitation on space stations takes a group out to colonize planet G889. Her advance team will meet up with over 200 Syndrome families, but the mission is destined for trouble even before the ship leaves port. After sabotage leads to the crash-landing of the advance ship, Devon Adair takes the survivors on a 2,000-mile trek across an unknown planet to the colony site, New Pacifica.

1. “First Contact” (November 6, 1994): In this two-hour premiere, Devon Adair (Debrah Farentino) and the Eden Project are about to leave the space stations for planet G889, after years of wrangling with government red tape. She hopes that there, her son Ulysses (Joey Zimmerman), who has the Syndrome, and over 200 families with similarly afflicted children will be able to thrive. The ship is forced to leave early due to fears of sabotage, and the doctor is left behind. Only an intern, Dr. Julia Heller (Jessica Steen) remains on board at launch. Twenty-two years later, the advance crew comes out of cold sleep only to discover that their ship is about to crash-land on the planet. Using escape pods, they leave the ship and end up on the wrong side of G889. Thus, their journey to the colony site, New Pacifica, begins. There the slower colony ship will arrive in two years. Pilot Alonzo (Antonio Sabato, Jr.) first encounters the Terrians on the dream plane, and the aliens heal Uly.

2. “The Man Who Fell To Earth” (November 13, 1994): The Eden Project team encounters Gaal (Tim Curry), who claims to be an Earth astronaut. When True’s pet Koba bites Morgan, Gaal tells them that a Koba’s bite isn’t fatal; it simply induces a coma for 24 hours. They realize they’ve buried Captain O’Neill prematurely, but a Grendler has taken his body from the grave site and they must count on Gaal to trade for information on his whereabouts. Members of the group—especially the newly-revived Captain O’Neill—are beginning to distrust Gaal, and are determined to find out who he is and what his motives are.

3. “Life Lessons” (November 20, 1994): Gaal starts to befriend a disgruntled True (J. Madison Wright), hoping that she’ll help him obtain one of the Eden Project’s vehicles. Meanwhile sabotage is discovered in the camp and Yale (Sullivan Walker) discovers that Gaal is actually a penal colonist, one of many sent to G889 to test its habitability. A canister from a crashed cargo pod that Gaal claims to have obtained from Grendlers turns out to contain a frozen horse, which Uly immediately claims and names Pegasus. True wants one too—her failure to obtain one makes her sink deeper into resentment.

4. “Promises, Promises” (November 27, 1994): When Uly starts to get sick again, Alonzo learns from the Terrians that they need the group’s help. Uly’s well-being is connected to the Terrians—since they suffer, so does he. True summons Gaal with the whistle he gave her, hoping he can help cure Uly. This only alerts him to the fact that some of the Terrians he has enslaved have escaped. Finally seeing his true colors, True resolves to help the group fight Gaal and free the Terrians he has captured.

5. “A Memory Play” (December 4, 1994): The group discovers two more survivors from the advance ship, but they have contracted a virus and are waiting to die. Danziger (Clancy Brown) and Baines also become sick. Though Julia tries to come up with a cure, she may be too late to save them all. Meanwhile, the group is on edge when they realize that the crash of the advance ship may have been caused by sabotage. Morgan is seeing Grendlers everywhere, but no one else has encountered them—and this makes him think he’s going crazy.

6. “Natural Born Grendlers (May 28, 1995): Alonzo’s depression leads him to fight with Julia and attempt suicide by driving his ATV over a cliff. However, the Terrians try to help him come to terms with his new life through the dream plane. Bess (Rebecca Gayheart) rankles under Devon’s leadership, but is the only one who is able to make trades with a Grendler for items they need—food, supplies and other gear. Morgan (John Gegenhuber) moans because she’s traded away his VR gear, which is the only thing keeping him sane on this new planet, so Bess goes back for one more trade.

7. “Water” (December 11, 1994): Danziger and Devon go out to find water for the colonists when their supply dwindles. They encounter a couple of Terrians who feel threatened by their proximity to a power source. They argue over the best way to show the Terrians their peaceful intentions, but pick the wrong one; the Terrians shoot them with their lightning staffs. When they wake up, they’re dangerously dehydrated and still in need of a water supply. The Terrians, in their mysterious way, help them find the water they need.

8. “The Church of Morgan” (December 18, 1994): Bess confesses that she’s had thoughts of cheating on Morgan—but when she tries to discuss it with him he goes nuts and they separate for a time. Julia, who has been in touch with her Council contact, Reilly, is told to harvest Uly’s pineal gland for study. Though she resists this, she does agree to test his spinal fluid to find out why the boy is taking on Terrian traits. Morgan tries to make amends to Bess’ father.

9. “The Enemy Within” (January 8, 1994): Julia continues to resist Reilly’s directives, proposing instead to inject Uly’s DNA into herself to find out if she can become the human-Terrian link. This way, she tells Reilly, they won’t have to depend on a small boy. Her loyalties are clearly becoming more and more divided. But the DNA has unexpected effects, including short-term memory loss and an encounter with Alonzo. When Devon and the others discover what Julia has been doing, they confront her and vote to leave her behind.

10. “Redemption” (January 22, 1995): Alonzo decides to go back for Julia, against the group’s wishes. As it turns out, this is a good decision—as soon as she returns, Yale is shot with an explosive bullet. Through her VR contact with Reilly, Julia learns that the shooter is a ZED, a specialized killing machine the Council placed on the planet to monitor the penal colonists. They must find a way to disarm and escape the ZED before they can go on—and Danziger, on a scouting trip, is the ZED’s next target.

11. “Moon Cross” (February 2, 1995): As winter comes, the group starts to consider a winter camp site. Uly proposes “Mary’s Garden,” which he knows about from the Terrians. This place turns out to be ideal for their purposes, except for one thing: ghosts. Something terrible happened here years ago. The colonists soon discover a human female living with the nearby Terrians, and realize that she is Mary. A long time ago renegade Terrians killed her parents, who became the ghosts that haunt the garden. The rebel Terrians have been ostracized since then and not allowed to join the annual Moon Cross ceremony. Alonzo helps Mary relearn to talk, while Mary teaches Uly how to speak with the Terrians and to fire a lightning staff.

12. “Better Living Through Morganite, Part 1” (February 19, 1995): Yale begins to act erratically, awakening fears within the group that he will revert to his criminal, pre-mindwash ways. The camp is also experiencing earthquakes—and when they check out the site of a lightning strike, they discover glowing rocks that are excellent power sources for their machines. Morgan and Bess decide this is a great time to stake a claim on G889, until Julia hypothesizes that the rocks are an important part of the Terrians’ communication system with the planet. Bess changes her mind, but Morgan decides to set off the geo-lock himself. Then he discovers that Bess is inside the geo-lock perimeter, and goes into the caves to save her. Yale, after losing his temper with Uly, is there as well. When the geo-lock goes off, the humans find safety—but a Terrian is petrified in its wake.

13. “Better Living Through Morganite, Part 2” (February 26, 1995): Not only has a Terrian been petrified, but the activation of the geo-lock has crippled the planet and disabled the dream plane. The Terrians hold Bess, Morgan and Yale responsible—until Yale tells them that he is the guilty party and they release Morgan and Bess. Mary helps Yale use the rocks to learn the truth about his criminal past. When he does finally know the truth, he wants to live and begs Mary to help him. Morgan, using Julia’s theories about the glowing rocks, tries to crack the geo-lock abort code so that they can reverse its effects on the planet. It’s a race against time.

14. “Grendlers in the Myst” (March 5, 1995): The group begins to have a common dream, about a woman who is like their mothers. This awakens deep emotions in True, who never knew her mother, and drives the others to try to locate this woman when they start to receive transmissions from her on their VR gear. They determine from these communications that Dell Curry is trying to protect herself and her son from a man who has gone insane. They race to find her before the man can get to her, with some assistance from a Grendler who is apparently Dell’s friend.

15. “The Greatest Love Story Never Told” (March 12, 1995): Danziger becomes ill while out scouting, but is rescued by a group of penal colonists who live underground with Terrians. They send a message to Alonzo through the dream plane, and Devon comes to their caves to get him. True stows away because she wants to see her father. In the caves Devon is reunited with Shepard, who sent her dreams while she was on the space stations; these led her to bring Uly to G889. Danziger continues to heal while True learns of Shepard’s violent past. But though she conveys that information to the adults, Devon asks Shepard to join the Eden group. Shepard says yes, but it must be kept a secret because his twin sister Katrina will be angry—murderously so—if she finds out.

16. “Brave New Pacifica” (March 26, 1995): Call it the double-date episode. A Grendler shows up with supplies that are waiting for the group at New Pacifica, leading Devon and the others to believe maybe they’re closer to their destination than they thought. Julia and Devon discover a cave with a natural transport system inside. Then Julia is kidnapped by a Grendler who demands that she supply it with human blood. Devon, Danziger and Alonzo go through the portal to save her, discovering warm air and a beach on the other end, but the portal stops working.

17. “After the Thaw” (April 2, 1995): Julia discovers an ancient Terrian body perfectly preserved in ice, and insists on excavating it for study. But once the creature is in the camp, strange and terrible things start to happen. The cave-dwelling humans from episode NUMBER tell the crew that Terrians believe this prehistoric Terrian holds all the evil emotions the race once harbored. Now, the evil has escaped the body’s remains and possessed one of the Eden group—but which one?

18. “The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King” (April 23, 1995): It’s Uly’s ninth birthday, and Devon is wary when his 25-year-old self appears to her in a dream. Though the future Ulysses can’t reveal why, he needs his mother to convince young Uly to go into a Terrian cave and put a copy of his own DNA in a particular hiding spot. He assures her that he will be able to protect the boy, but Devon is wary—especially when it turns out these Terrians are hostile to humans. In the future, we learn that Uly and Devon have been estranged for some years and that Uly has been captured in an attempt by the colonists to get more of the Terrians’ land. Meanwhile, True seeks Yale’s help in helping a hurt Koba.

19. “Survival of the Fittest” (April 23, 1995): What really happened during Danziger, Alonzo, Julia and Morgan’s ill-fated scouting trip? When they return, they’re barely speaking to each other. When a Grendler starts to haunt the camp, the other Eden group members start to wonder if the four have somehow put them all in danger. Eventually, through point-of-view recollections, the truth comes out about the lengths the four went to, in order to survive the harsh conditions of winter on G889.

20. “Flower Child” (June 4, 1995): While scouting for food, Danziger and Bess come across a flower that sprays them with powder. Later, both start to show symptoms of illness. Though Danziger lets Julia take the powder from his lungs, Bess refuses. It turns out that this flower is trying to reproduce, and Bess is the host for the seed. She follows a burning desire to travel north in the cold without a coat or shoes. When she leaves camp, Julia and Morgan go after her. An ailing Bess asks Morgan to trust her, and he helps her carry the seed to its destination.

21. “All About Eve” (May 24, 1995): A man in a dream directs Morgan to a 50-year-old spaceship, where he revives the crew from cold sleep. Only two survive the process—scientists who were working for the council. They reveal the cause of the sickness that is overtaking the group: implants that the council placed in their heads to monitor them are going bad. Turns out that a computer named Eve is orbiting overhead and acting in lieu of the absent council. The colonists try to find a way to correct the errors in Eve’s program that are causing the illnesses. But it turns out that Devon is ailing from something completely different. The two scientists tell the group that the planet will eventually reject them all.

Please note that the episodes “Natural Born Grendlers” and “Flower Child” were not shown in “Earth 2”’s regular run, but aired after the series finale. Here, they’re put back into the chronology of the series rather than tacked on at the end.

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