Problems with over swinging

Problems with over swinging
I have to keep reminding myself when I am playing golf to not over swing. I do this mostly with my driver or fairway woods. It never seems to bother me on using my irons so I am always looking for help and things to click in my mind when using my woods. Over swinging one loses control of the club and result in less distance and a solid direct contact of the ball.

What I mean by my over swinging I take the club too far back in my swing trying to get more distance. It is always a mistake because the arms and shoulders go back and the hips do not turn. I see many players both men and women who let their wrists break at the top which causes the club to drop below level to your target. In my mind I have to concentrate on breaking the wrist early then turning the hips to get into position to swing down and through the ball.

The secret is to turn your shoulders as you break the wrists then turn the hips back far enough to keep your balance. If you forget the hip turn and the club dips farther back your shoulder will dip or tilt and the whole swing will break down. All sorts of crazy things will happen and you lose control of the club. By using these simple thoughts during your swing you will have more power from the lower body to propel your club through to the ball.

What happens when one is just using the arms and shoulders and not the hips into your swing you have no idea where that ball will travel. Usually the results are a topped shot, slice or pop up. If you have many of these types of shots with your driver or fairway clubs try these suggestion on the practice tee and see if you don’t get straighter shots. Everybody is built different so you will have to work out what feels best for you and when you land in the fairway more consistently you will improve your golf scores.

Every golf shot take the whole body to hit the ball squarely and have it travel long and straight down the fairway. These are the shots we pray for as it seems to satisfy our ego if we can drive that ball long and straight. I know men can make the ball travel right or left but they can hit it much further than the average woman. My goal is to hit my woods long and straight so it will give me an iron shot to the greens. I hope these suggestions will help you hit that ball and have it land long down the fairway.

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