About this site

About this site
Welcome to the BellaOnline Menopause site!

This site is written with one goal in mind: to help women just like you gather the information they need to learn about and deal with menopause.

The BellaOnline Menopause site, as with any other, cannot offer individualized advice or solutions. Only your healthcare practitioner can do that. Rather the articles featured will help you sort out the facts and prepare you for those menopause discussions on your next doctor visit.

Readers come first! All material is about you, the reader. This means all articles primarily strive to deal with what matters to you and not just the interests of the editor.

Research and information are very important to help understand what happens during menopause and to explore possible treatment options. Knowledge really is empowering; the more you know the better you will be able to deal with this transitional life phase. Each week, new articles are added to the system, and those articles are later archived for future reference.

This site is not a forum for ranting about how difficult menopause is for some women. You already know that! This is about getting past the challenges with the latest advice and information. At the same time, this is not a ‘just think a happy thought and all the problems will simply go away’ venue. It is a place to find out as much as you can about menopause to learn the ways you can take care of your health.

Menopause is different for each woman, and it makes sense that no two women will benefit from the same treatment. This makes it impossible, not to mention unethical, to provide advice as the ‘best’ or the ‘one size fits all.’

By gathering sound information from trusted sources, you will discover the best alternatives that will help you with your menopause experience.

Aims of the Menopause site:
*To point out the best sources for information and research. Not all of the first Internet search listings are unbiased!
*Learn from menopause experts; the physicians dedicated to treating menopause
*Understand that menopause is just a part of the overall health picture
*Give readers a sense that no matter how difficult or challenging menopause is, there are ways to take back some control

The Menopause site features:
*Interviews with women’s healthcare experts, authors, and journalists focused on women’s health issues
*Interviews with real women dealing with menopause and inspiring other women
*Regular articles tackling a variety of heath care topics beyond hot flashes and night sweats (although these pesky symptoms are included!)
*Reviews of books and products dealing with menopause, selected because they are helpful as part of your research

Additional regular menopause articles include:
*Menopause, your doctor, and you; a series dedicated to helping you and your doctor work together to deal with menopause
*Menopause around the world; a series that examines attitudes women face in other countries and the progress towards women’s healthcare
*Healthcare issues related to but not directly caused by menopause, including fitness and nutrition

The BellaOnline Menopause site is for you and about you. Please enjoy the material you find here and know that it is not easy but it is possible to be ‘menopositive’ about the change!

Menopause, Your Doctor, and You

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