Getting Bored with Low Carb

Getting Bored with Low Carb
If you find yourself getting bored with low carb, it's not the diet - it's your recipe book! There are literally *thousands* of low carb recipes. You could eat a new dish every day for years.

Usually the problem here is that you get into a mental rut. You have come up with a certain set of easy to make recipes - for example scrambled eggs for breakfast, chicken wings for dinner. Because they're easy, you make them all the time. Soon you are SICK of scrambled eggs and chicken wings. That's not the fault of the low carb diet! Low carb instructs you to eat a ton of different things for nutritional health. You need a wide variety of veggies, fibers, proteins and oils in your diet to keep you healthy. If you're just eating a few things all the time, then you're not properly following low carb.

The first thing you need to do is sit back with a recipe book. I have Hundreds of Free Low Carb Recipes Online or of course there are many cookbooks on the market. Scan through and see which recipes appeal to you. Make a plan to try at least one new recipe each week. The only way to find new favorites is to actually make them and give them a try.

Make sure you have a variety of snacks that are healthy around the house. Keep a jar of nuts, a zip-lock of celery, a container of salad greens, a jar of olives, etc. Don't just eat the same snacks each day. Rotate between them and give yourself some alternatives.

In the old days people would spend hours cooking dinner - in modern times some people refuse to cook for more than 15 minutes. If that is you, then try planning ahead. Put aside an hour or two on the weekend to pre-cook a number of meals. That way you can simply re-heat those items during the week and enjoy delicious, quick meals. Get a slow cooker and learn how easily you can make delicious dishes. Get a backyard grill - we use ours even when it's raining or snowing, because it's so quick and easy.

Splurge on yourself every once in a while. Get salmon and steak. Get asparagus and lobster. Many low carb meals are truly decadent.

If there are giant categories of food that you refuse to eat - for example "all seafood" because it smells fishy - then consider picking away at that stereotype. There are many seafoods that do NOT smell fishy at all, and seafood is extremely healthy for you. I realize it can take a while to overcome childhood food dislikes, but it really is worth it. This is a long term health issue we're addressing, and even if it takes you 2 years to learn to like tuna, for example, it can really help you live the next 50 years of your life in better health.

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