Harmonise your Environment Using Feng Shui

Harmonise your Environment Using Feng Shui
The subject of Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway) is vast and complex. People study for many years to become a Feng Shui master, however some of the basic principals are easy to grasp and can be used to great advantage by anyone. Here we will look at one of the fundamental principals- allowing chi to flow smoothly & moving blockages in its path.

Imagine you could feel Chi flowing like a refreshing breeze through your house. Every area it touches is nourished. Chi is as important for your home as water is for your plants.

Chi enters at the ‘mouth of chi’- your front door. The flow of chi at your front door is vital. If chi cannot freely enter then you are limiting energy flow to all areas of your life. Does it have a job fighting its way past a pile of muddy wellies, brollies & dumped bags? Does the door open fully, or do you have to squeeze past because there is stuff behind it? Clear the doorway so that it opens wide.

The ideal you are aiming for is a meandering flow of chi all around your home, so next check out your hallways and landings, which are a bit like the arteries & veins of your house, carrying chi nourishment to the rest of its ‘body’. They need to be clear of clutter and should feel light and welcoming. My upstairs landing is dark with no windows. I have a low energy bulb in the lantern up there so I can keep it light & cheerful when I’m in the house.

Can the chi circulate easily around your furniture in your rooms? If you struggle to navigate through your house so does the energy. I had a lovely friend who was hoping to move but couldn’t sell her house. The first time I visited her home I could see why straight away. You entered the house directly into the living room. Her sofa was too large & was along the wall right behind the front door. As you walked into the house you had to give it a hefty shove to get by. Then to go through the opposite door to the dining room you had to shove it back in the other direction. Talk about making life heavy work for herself! I advised her to move the sofa to a different wall & she was able to move soon afterwards- shame though as she’s now on the other side of the UK to me!

The opposite problem to blocked chi is that of chi that speeds through the house too quickly to nourish anything. If your front door is directly in line with your back door the chi may shoot directly through like an express train. Traditional feng shui ‘cures’ include hanging wind chimes to encourage the chi to slow down.

Take some time to imagine the way that chi moves through your home. Try moving furniture or clearing clutter if it seems blocked. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results! If you want to know more I like Simon Brown's books. Try to stick to one author- there are several systems of Feng Shui out there & you can get mightily confused if you mix & match!

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