Bowling - Nintendo Wii Sports

Bowling - Nintendo Wii Sports
Bowling is probably the easiest game of the Wii sports set. You draw your hand back, you release the ball, and it goes down the lane towards the pins.

Wii Bowling

This is the game with the least amount of graphics. There are lanes, a ball, and pins at the end. There are no gorgeous landscapes of trees, oceans and grassy meadows. There are no cheering crowds, no fast paced action. It's just you, a lane, and the pins at the end.

This not a game of fast reflexes - it's a game of straight line and strategy. Keep in mind that bowling balls are weighted so they naturally curve a bit to the left. You can line yourself up to the left or right to account for this, especially after you roll the first ball and have a few pins left.

The bowling counts as in a regular game, with strikes and spares. You can give the ball a bit of a spin by twisting your wrist as you release, and you can even accidentally throw the ball behind you into the crowd if you release too quickly.

Even though this game doesn't have a difficulty setting, it seemed the easiest for people to pick up. The eight year old was bowling in no time flat, getting strikes and spares.

In some ways this is the most "boring" game. You. A lane. Pins. The only "action" is that occasionally someone bowls next to you. The indoor bowling lane is decidedly plain.

Still, this is a great way for a non gamer to get into the game. We've probably all bowled a few times in our lives. We know how it works. There's no pressure.

There aren't a lot of button presses or complexities here. You draw back, you release. The ball goes where you aim it to go.

Well recommended as a starting point if you have non gamers come over to visit, or to show off how the Wii works. It's a simple game, easy to understand, and fun. It's the type of game that grandkids can play with grandparents, and everyone will enjoy it.

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