Healed by Faith

Healed by Faith
Jesus, the Holy Man, was passing by. The crowd was huge, all shoving each other to get close to him. They shoved her, too. If they’d known she was untouchable, ceremonially unclean, they would have kept their distance. The bleeding she’d suffered for twelve years had taken all her money. Many doctors promised to cure her, but all had failed. They’d literally bled her dry.

But this man was different. She’d heard of his healings, of his miracles.

If she could fight her way through the crowd. She knew in her heart that if she could even touch the hem of His robe, she would be well. Finally breaking through, she reached out and touched it—barely brushing the fabric with her fingers. Relief—she’d almost forgotten what it felt like—the vitality of a healthy body.
But Jesus had stopped and turned. He was asking who it was who touched him. She stood, stunned, afraid to move. How could he have known? There were so many people. He kept looking. Even His disciples couldn’t persuade Him to go on. Something told her that he already knew that it was her. And something in his face told her she was safe, so she made her way forward again and falling at his feet, admitted what she had done. Other faces in the crowd were not so friendly. Everyone was looking at her. Then came the kindest voice she had ever heard. “Go in peace. Your faith has made you well, you are freed from your suffering.”

It wasn’t the robe that held the magic. There were no healing properties in its hem. He said that her faith had healed her and now she was free from the bonds that had kept her captive for the past twelve years.

How was this woman different from all the others who pushed in, trying to see Jesus that day? There are many who are curious about Jesus and many who want to see him. Couldn’t we all use a miracle? But this unnamed woman had the faith to fight opposition, and the determination to reach out to Jesus. Many people had failed her in the past but she knew in her heart Jesus wouldn’t let her down.

How long was I part of the crowd, watching Jesus from a distance? Faith is focusing on him alone, reaching out for the healing only he can give. He is faithful. It may not be the healing that I have in mind. I know that it will be a healing in my soul that I didn’t even know I needed. I’m ready to be freed from the bonds that have held me. Are you?

Read about this woman in the Bible in Mark 5:24-34 and Luke 8:42-48

Christian fiction for casual reading.

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