EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale

EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale
One of the greatest challenges in eating healthily involves really knowing what you are eating. This EatSmart scale does an awesome job. Just plunk the food item onto it - in whatever quantity you wish - enter its code and the numbers show up instantly!

EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale The problem with most healthy eating projects is just how do you know what anything really is? Take "an apple". There are tons of types of apples, and they come in a variety of sizes. Is a green apple that is 3" around really exactly the same in carbs, fiber, etc. as a McIntosh apple that is 6" around? Did you know that many food values change DRASTICALLY if you eat that food raw vs cooked? The act of cooking the food sometimes enhances the nutrition - but sometimes it breaks down the fibers.

This scale is the answer. First, it's slim and clear. It takes up very little space on your kitchen counter, and fades into the background. When you need it, it's right there.

You plunk something onto it. Say you have a handful of seedless raisins and want to know how it's going to affect your blood sugar. Without the scale you'd have to make random guesses about how much you're eating and how big / small the raisins are and so on. No guesswork with the scale! You dump however many raisins you want to eat onto the scale. Type in their code - 064. POOF it gives you everything you want to know.

What does that include? The scale gives you:

total fat
saturated fat
vitamin k

plus of course its weight :)

Not only is this superb for one item, but the scale has a built in memory. If you're making a meal, just keep putting the items onto the scale one after the other, adding each one into memory. When you're done with the meal, the scale will give you your full total.

There's a tare feature here, too. That means you can put a serving dish on first, and have the scale know how much that weighs. That way when you then put the "food item" into that serving dish, the scale will give you only the measurements of the food.

Highly recommended for anyone interested in having a more healthy diet!

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Here's a video showing the scale in action -
YouTube of EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale

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