The Spirit of Sports

The Spirit of Sports
From the time we are young children until well into adulthood we are very aware of sports and games. Some of us like to take part in the action, while others prefer to watch on the sidelines. Enjoying sports affects our spirit and the way we conduct ourselves in life.

Children often want to play in group sports to feel like a part of the team. They want to prove to each other and to their parents that they are capable of doing a great job. Sports like baseball, hockey, football, tennis, and swimming are very common middle school and high school sports. Children learn a great deal from the training and preparation of the games and tournaments. They develop self confidence, acceptance, positive attitude, respect, and discipline. Through teamwork they learn what can be accomplished when everyone gives their all, and they also learn something else that is very important, that they have to accept losses with grace. Values are formed that can last a lifetime.

When children become adults, engaging in sports becomes more of a competition for some. Many will go on to play in college and then on to professional sports or even the Olympics. Athletes perform and push themselves to achieve, challenging themselves to greater accomplishments with their physical bodies. With each win their spirits will soar. They are driven to continue as valued members of the team. Teammates become friends, and often very much like dear family members. There may be great competition among each other, but the camaraderie encourages each individual to do their best to contribute while having faith in each other.

People who don’t play will often enjoy watching games. They may go to their children’s school games and competitions, or might toss a ball around with their kids at home to spend quality time with them. Many often get together with family and friends to watch sporting events on television. It makes for great entertainment and time shared with those we care about. And nothing is quite like going to a stadium to watch professional sports live. The energy in the air is almost tangible. Each person in the stands is excited and radiating positive energy.

In sports friendships are formed as well as leaders. Teammates encourage and support each other. Each member takes pride in his or her accomplishments and strives to do even better. Fans cheer them on to great wins, and sympathize with their losses. Those people who choose to watch from home feel like a part of something big and special.

Sports will affect the spirit no matter how you participate. Whether you are playing or watching, sports is fun and uplifting to the spirit. Connections are made and relationships are formed. The game not only inspires us and brings out strong internal energy within us, but it also teaches us a little something in the process.

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