The Sun’s Effect on the Spirit

The Sun’s Effect on the Spirit
The glorious rays of the sun provide light and warmth to all inhabitants of the earth. The impressive star exudes a fiery energy, establishing rhythms for every day life. The spirit within us responds to the sun’s radiance, and spending time outdoors on a sunny day restores calm and joy to our inner being. It’s no wonder that our energy vibration seems a little sluggish on cloudy days. The sun is a natural energy booster. The bright light in our face and the warmth on our skin comforts, heals, and invigorates us.

The sun has affected the spirit since the beginning of human life. Early man rose with the sun to begin the hunt for food in the light of day. As agriculture was developed the sun provided the necessary assistance for growing crops to help sustain a village. When the sun set every night, men and women weary from their work retired for much needed rest. The next morning provided another day of hope to continue on with the survival of the family and the community.

Several cultures have spiritual beliefs in regards to the sun, some beliefs of which go back many years. The sun represents life, abundance, and rebirth. The sun not only revitalizes the physical body and the other life forms, but it also rejuvenates the spirit. Tribal rituals have been dedicated to the sun in the form of prayer and meditation, dances, and other ceremonies which focus on renewal of the earth, earth’s bond with man and all life forms, and gaining spiritual insight. For some early cultures the sun became a sort of deity.

Many activities revering the sun continue on today. Songs and poems have been written about the sun, and some baby names have sun references. People paint pictures that include the bright orb of the sun, sun sculptures hang on walls, and tattoos of the sun adorn the human body. Many objects we enjoy every day are in a sunny yellow color, and some people enjoy yellow walls in one or more rooms of their home. There continues to be a great respect and adoration for the sun because of it’s cheerful and bright aura.

Today the sun is just as important to us as it was years ago, and not just to support physical life, but to nourish our spirit every day. When the sun rises, the reflecting brilliance makes us feel good deep within. Being in the warm rays brings a sense of connection to everything on earth and beyond. The sun lifts our spirits and affirms life, giving us a bright outlook and the promise of new beginnings with every new day.

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