Is Ethnic Beauty All About Attitude?

Is Ethnic Beauty All About Attitude?
Is beauty all about attitude? That's a good question. And if beauty is only skin deep, then why are some beautiful women still unattractive. Your attitude sets the stage for how people see your beauty. It's not the condition of a persons skin that has you seeing a certain ugliness, it's their attitude. Your attitude about life, your health and how you look will actually determine your real beauty. A bright smile, a warm gesture can sway the hearts of many and have them like putty in hand.

However, if your attitude has you demanding to be treated "oh so special", your beauty just got really ugly. No one likes to have demands put on them or be yelled at. Have you ever heard the saying: you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar? It's the same with a "genuinely" pleasant attitude.

You'd be surprised at what your attitude says about you. Without you ever saying a harsh word to people, a pleasant attitude will have them talking about your bright smile and pretty face. They are experiencing your beauty but not in a superficial way. Your real beauty is being revealed, the beauty of your heart.

Can these actions sabotage you as an Ethnic Beauty?

Stone Face

I'm not saying that you should greet every one with a cheshire cat grin and that your laugh should be so wide that we can count every tooth in your mouth. However, the slightest crack in the stone face will reveal more beauty than you know.

Attention Getter

As an ethnic beauty, you posses a beauty like no other on the planet. However, if you're seeking attention all the time like a three year old, your beauty just dropped a notch or two. Just by entering a room, you're seen. You possess a mystique and majesty about you. Why risk exposing the "secret" with loud, attention getting actions and language.


There's nothing worse than looking down on someone else to kill your beauty. Carrying your head high, with your shoulders straight is great for your posture but if this body position is perceived as a way of looking down your nose at others, you've just become a very ugly person.

That being said …

If this is sounding too good to be true, observe your surroundings. Look at the "so called" pretty people around you. What kind of attitude do they have? Are they kind, warm and pleasant or are they demanding, superficial and a pain in the rear end? Is beauty all about attitude? You tell me. I'd love to hear from you in the forum.

That's it for this week. As Always …

Dedicated To Your Beauty,

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