Removing Facial Hair For Women

Removing Facial Hair For Women
If there's one thing I don't like, it's facial hair. I didn't begin to see facial hair until I clocked 20 for the second time. Okay 40, then all of a sudden, I began to see chin hair developing. I could not walk around with hair growing out of my chin.

There are several ways to remove facial hair:

Tweezers will be the first tool you reach for. While they will give you immediate relief, using tweezers without knowledge of how to correctly remove hair from your skin, will cause you problems. You can be pulling skin as you're pulling hair. This is what causes dark spots and uneven skin tone especially on ethnic skin.

Depilatories - Some are made specifically for facial hair. These have been created expressly for the face and are gentler than those for stubborn body hair. These creams are great for peach fuzz. Testing first is advised before applying depilatory creams. Follow the directions, paying special attention to the time, and start with the lowest recommended. If the package says leave on for five to ten minutes, start with five, to be on the safe side. If you need a re-do, wait a day or so. You don't want unsightly irritation due to impatience. Do not use on broken, swollen, or exasperated skin.

Laser hair removal. If your ethnic skin is prone to keloids – raised scar tissue, then perhaps this is not the method for you. Ask the laser technician about skin discoloration, because as you know, ethnic skin can be highly sensitive. Also inquire about the regrowth rate. Then decide if the length of time the hair stays reduced is right for you.

Electrolysis - I would suggest thoroughly checking out the recommended technician. Remember, this method of facial hair removal uses an electronic needle. With the right professional, this method will permanently remove hair, from the root. I'll leave you to imagine the results if you wind up with someone with no credentials; someone who simply hung out a shingle advertising their 'services.' A dermatologist or doctor would be the perfect person to direct you in your search for a professional in electrolysis.

Waxing may be a way to go. There are do-it-yourself kits for at home use, or you can allow an esthetician to provide the service for you. An esthetician will use gentle wax designed for the face.

Be sure however, with either method to do a patch test. Try out the wax on a small unobtrusive patch of skin to make sure you're not allergic and that you will not have a sensitive skin reaction. Hand washing before the procedure, and keeping hands off the area afterward is advised. If at all possible, don’t apply makeup to the waxed area immediately after a treatment, to avoid irritation.

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