John Zaffis, Paranormal Investigator

John Zaffis, Paranormal Investigator
John Zaffis, Paranormal Investigator and Demonologist

The first time I remember coming across the name John Zaffis was when I was doing some paranormal research on an entity I had encountered through the Ouija Board called Zozo (see my story Zozo and the Ouija Board:

Although John is the nephew of the world renowned demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren, he did not become interested in the paranormal until he was 16 years old and was visited by the spirit of his grandfather a few days before his grandmother passed away.

John studied with the Warrens for several years during his youth, and has since traveled the United States and other countries researching and lecturing about the paranormal field for almost 40 years.

Zaffis founded The Paranormal and Demonology Research Society of New England in 1998, and continues to run that organization today.

Zaffis has made numerous appearances on various paranormal television and radio shows and documentaries including “Unsolved Mysteries,” “A Haunting,” “The Possessed,” “Ghost Adventures,” “Coast to Coast AM,” and “Beyond Reality Radio.” A documentary of his life and work called “John Zaffis: The World Within” was produced in 2010. In 2004, John released his first book, “Shadows of the Dark,” co-written with Brian McIntyre.

In the early summer of 2010, Zaffis started an interesting and unique documentary TV series on the Syfy channel called “Haunted Collector.” In this series, Zaffis and two of his adult children along with two other members investigate paranormal activity related to possibly haunted items or objects that have absorbed some type of negative energy found at or near the place where the activity is being experienced.

John spends a great deal of time in his lectures and interviews educating people about the “dangers of delving into the spiritual world.” He wants people to know the possible consequences involved with exploring the paranormal.

Although the John Zaffis Paranormal Museum is currently closed due to the heavy shooting schedule for “Haunted Collector,” you can check out the interesting items on the webpage:

Some of the hundreds of artifacts housed at the museum include:

Simon, a doll who would talk to the little boy who owned him...until his mother saw Simon’s mouth moving and called for help;

A mannequin called Mr. Sinister that was found at a flea market. After the red-eyed statuette was brought home, negative feelings and odors were experienced by the owners;

A sword that projected images of satanic rituals;

A military jacket, whose teenage owner would experience extreme cold when wearing the jacket, and hear the sounds of soldiers talking;

And, a school desk that moves across the floor on its own…even with a person sitting in it!

Mr. Zaffis is an expert in the field of the paranormal, and encourages those in need of help in this area to contact him through his website:


Zozo and the Ouija Board:

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