How to Sneak in Exercise

How to Sneak in Exercise
Here are a few ways to sneak in some exercise while going about your daily
business. It will help lower your blood sugar and in some instances your stress levels.
Some are funny and silly and sure to bring a laugh or two.

Dance while cleaning.

Play golf extra fast. Combine the time and score to see who wins.

Don't just quietly sit and play guitar, stand up and perform like a rock star.

Skip to class when you feel giddy.

Run to class and take an extra lap around the building in the same amount of time it takes to walk.

Don't just watch music videos, dance to them.

If you have children, don't tell them to get things for you if you can do it yourself.

Offer to baby-sit your friends' kids.

Run alongside while you kid learns to ride a bike.

While waiting for your kids' sport practice to end, walk around.

When working on your website or some other project that requires waiting for files/photos to download or save, get up and do a different project during the pauses or do the chair exercises above.

Put the computer printer where you can't reach for the copy, or better yet, where you have to not only get up from your chair, but you have to leave your cube.

Make copies on the copier on another floor and take the stairs to get there.

Stand instead of sitting on the bus, leaving seats for elders.

Do your best Gene Kelly impression on rainy days.

Walk around your new car twice to check for door dings before getting in.

Carry your spouse to the bedroom every night.

Just stop working at random and go for a five minute walk to clear your thoughts.Also, take a few laps around the parking lot


In an office, when filing charts, don't sit in a chair and roll around, get up and down to file.

On a break at the office, walk to a farther away break room and meet some new people.

In the office, walk over to a colleague instead of just emailing or calling.

If your fax machine is broken, don't get it fixed, then you can walk down the hall to use another one.

Find a long route to keep from going by the office of your boss.

Hang a picture of your boss at work and throw darts at it. Have competitions with other employees.

Schedule meetings at a farther away room.

Get a wireless phone headset so you can get up and move around during long teleconferences

Park in a different parking lot at work than your regular one. After work you will head for the usual place and realize you are not parked there and have to walk farther to get to where you are really parked.

Walk up some stairs backwards. Go upstairs two steps at a time.

Let the indoor cat out and go looking for it.

Pretend you are running late and get to the bus stop faster.

Don't use the travellator in airports, walk instead. Or if you use it, walk real fast and enjoy how fast you go past people.

Walk up and down the escalator instead of just riding it. If it is too crowded to walk up, stand on the step with the front of each foot and let your heels drop down a little to stretch your calves. Don't bounce when you stretch.

Always use the stairs instead of the slope at Fry's Electronics

Dance "silly" with your two-year-old to the tune of "The Muffin Man."

Play "horse" with the kids.
Play/pillow fight with your kids, they're energetic and give you a good workout.

Don't supervise kids' meals. Then they will be more likely to have a food fight and you can all get exercise cleaning it up.

Take your kids to the park and chase them around. Wrestle with your kids.

Wrestle with your spouse.

Play on the jungle gym with your kids.

Hula hoop, kick the can, dodge ball, wheelbarrow races, three-legged races, with kids OR adults

Find a facility that offers family tae kwon do, track nights, yoga classes or aerobic workouts.

Play hockey on roller blades with your friends/kids on weekends instead of staying in bed all morning. Hey, don't forget the helmets and knee pads!

Remember you can split your exercise just so it adds up to 30 minutes a day.

Remember don't guess, TEST

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