Organize Your Clothes Closet

Organize Your Clothes Closet
How do you feel when you think about getting dressed? Our clothes closets can play a major role in how we feel about this simple activity. An organized closet can make selecting the right outfit a snap. These ideas will help you clear the clutter and organize your wardrobe for easy access:

Rule 1: If it doesn't fit, let it go.
If something doesn't fit you well, it is time to say goodbye. Instead of hanging on to your 'skinny jeans' (they just make you feel bad anyway, right?), donate them. When you get down to your goal weight, you can enjoy shopping for a new pair.

This isn't just about clothes that are too small or too large. Anything that is ill fitting should be let go of. If it tugs, bunches, or restricts you in any way it has no business staying in your closet. Ditto for anything that is made of a fabric that scratches, chafes or feels uncomfortable. Make a mental note about the kind of things you are letting go so you don't buy anything like it in the future.

Rule 2: If it's unflattering, let it go.
So it fits, but does it flatter? When we keep things that we don't look good in, we aren't doing ourselves any favors. Most likely we will avoid wearing those items anyway, so why not just let them go? If you lack confidence when you wear it, that feeling will show up in your body language. You deserve to look good. Keep this in mind for the future - don't settle for something unbecoming. Wait until you find a piece you love.

Rule 3: If it's tatty and ratty, let it go.
The shirt with a bleach stain, the undergarment that no longer offers support, the socks with holes - let them go. Seeing and wearing these things send a subliminal message that says you are not worthy of decent things. Do yourself a favor and invest in things that support you, literally and figuratively.

Rule 4: Keep like with like.
How do you think about your wardrobe? Do you tend to mix and match? If so, dividing clothes by type and color will most likely work for you. If you tend to wear the same outfits over and over, then you may want to keep all components of an outfit together. Maybe you think more in terms of activities. Like work, working out and relaxing. Divide clothes into these categories. Once you decide on an organization method, stick with. This will make it easy to see what you have at a glance.

Rule 5: Keep it up.
Schedule some maintenance each week. This should take less than ten minutes, so carving out the time should be doable. If anything is laying out, put it away. Then tidy any sloppiness. It's fast and easy when you do it on a weekly basis. Every few months or so, go little more in depth and review what's in your closet, letting go where needed..

If you adopt these rules, you should find getting dressed is a pleasure. Going forward pay attention to what you buy and how it makes you feel.

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