How to Putt Better

How to Putt Better
Now that is something everyone wants to know, what is the secret how can I make those long and even those short putts. I know that would help lower my score as this is what you hear all around every golf course. This article in Golf Illustrated called “How to “Simply” Putt Better” by Travis Fulton a teaching Pro at the PGA Academy of the World Golf Village in St. Augustine, Florida. His comment under the title says; ‘The goal in putting is simple – get the ball in the hole’, well DAH, we all know that. The good thing about this advice is he goes on to explain the five steps to putting better.

The first he says is important is the set up as in a full swing it is works for putting as well. This set up is broken down in five lines that will allow for the proper length of putter to fit your physical make up.

1. The putter shaft should be in line with the forearms following the same plane as your arms. This allows the putter shaft to consistently move together within the stroke. He adds that you must grip the putter in the palm of the hands instead of the fingers.

2. Your hands are now positioned directly under your shoulders as you bow forward from the hips as the upper body faces the ground. With the hands under the shoulders will stay clear of the upper body. It helps if you have a slight amount of elbow bend to relieve tension in the arms and hands.

3. Your eyes should come to rest over the ball and secure your eyes to the ball. As you check your target line your eyes are on the line or just inside of that line.

4. Your weight should be balanced, when your eyes are over the ball position your feet the correct distance from the ball so you feel the weight in the middle of your feet. If you are too close your weight will be on the heel, it too far you will feel the weight on your toes.

5. Your putter shaft should be 90 degree angle to the ground. Don’t lean the putter shaft forward or back at address that changes the loft of the putter, you want the putter blade to be square or 4 degree as that is what is needed to get a proper roll.

If one follows all these direction in your putting set up you will move the putter in a small arc back and through the ball. This is recommended instead of straight back and through. Keep this arc small with no extra movement of the shoulders. If you follow all these rules in set up for your putting stroke you will become a better putter and lower your score.

These tips called The Tee Box with lessons from The Teaching Pro’s are very useful and are brief so there are not too many things you have to think about when taking the lessons to your practice range or green.

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