Living in the Spiritual Moment

Living in the Spiritual Moment
Life can go by in the blink of an eye. Hours, days, weeks, months, and years can be gone seemingly without any effort at all. How many times have you asked yourself “Where has the time gone?” “Where has the day gone?” “Where has the year gone?” Are you really living in the moment or is life passing you by without a thought as to how you are spending your time? Do you feel like you are on automatic pilot and don’t really see what is happening around you? Living in the spiritual moment is being fully present in all that you do, think, and say. This means you have an awareness of all that is going on inside you and around you at any given time.

When you are with another person are you giving them your full attention by listening, empathizing, and respecting that person as the sacred being that he or she is? Are you being compassionate and acting out of loving kindness? When you are out walking are you present of your surroundings or are you just moving along without noticing the freshness of the air, the way the sun lights up the leaves of the trees, the subtle song of birds, the unique angles of a building? Are you really in the moment or are you thinking about the tasks ahead and the worries of the day? To constantly have your mind on other things, and not on what is actually going on in the moment, will cause you to lose that moment forever. The quality of your day is compromised, and the awe of the little marvels that occur along the journey of life will be lost.

Doing just about anything can be a more fulfilling experience if you take each task moment to moment. If you are working you can absorb yourself more in the texture of the materials you are working with or in the movements you are making. If you are gardening you can feel the cool dampness of the soil in your fingers, absorb the smell of the organic material, listen to the sounds of nature around you, and notice little details like the pattern of a leaf or the veining of an insect’s wing. When doing dishes you can feel the warmth of the water in your hands and the soft foam of the soap. When preparing tea you can smell the pungent leaves and listen as the hot water hits the bottom of the cup. When sweeping the floor you can immerse yourself in the motion of the ebb and flow of the broom. A task can be less daunting and uncomfortable when you are being fully present and aware of even the smallest details. When you are doing something you truly enjoy you can make yourself aware of every detail of the activity and be fully engaged in the feelings and observations of the moment.

Meditation can help you to be more in tune with your inner being and to live in the spiritual moment. Slow down and quiet yourself. Breathe slowly in and out to relieve any tension. Feel fully what breathing does to your body. Be aware of your true self, that being of dreams, inspiration, and boundless love. Listen to your heart and recognize your best intentions. And very importantly, practice forgiveness towards yourself and towards others as a way of freeing yourself and letting go of negative feelings and thoughts. Make time during the day to find that peaceful place within to comfort and recharge your spirit. Be grateful for the beauty of life around you, for love, and for your breath. Wake up each morning and express gratitude for something in your life.

Living in the spiritual moment will enrich your human experience, and in turn this new fullness in your life will positively affect the lives of those around you. If you choose to look within at the majesty that is you, you will see the majesty that is within every other living being. You will begin to see the goodness in all that is. To live and love in the spiritual moment will increase your sense of wellbeing, freedom, and connectedness. It will allow your true self to emerge with an open heart. It is your right to be happy and to find meaning along your journey. Choose to be present for every moment of your life

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