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Go Left TV
Are you tired of the right wing slant of Fox News? MSNBC and CNN not liberal enough for you? Then you might want to check out the programming at GoLeftTV. The video clips at GoLeftTV range from just a couple minutes to half hour programming. They have channels focusing on the progressive issues you care about.

On the Labor Channel you can listen to a fifteen minutes of Mike Papantonio, of Air America's Ring of Fire, interviewing Seattle-based labor attorney Dmitri Iglitzin on the position of presidential candidates on Labor issues and the current proposed legislation that could benefit labor. Dmitri presents his wish list for labor issues for candidates to support would include, first, pass The Employee Free Choice Act that would allow for Majority signup, so workers could just sign authorization cards in private and when a majority of workers had signed them, they would have a union. It would also place fines in place for employers who violate labor laws, right now there is no punishment attached to these laws. Second, passing the RESPECT Act, that would reverse recent National Labor Relations Board rulings, which expanded the class of employees designated as supervisors and unable to unionize. Third, providing equalized union access, like those being provided by several states with the Workers Freedom Act that provides that employers who have meeting with employees against unionization, must provide equal access to unions to discuss unionization. Fourth, the negotiation and renegotiation of trade agreements so that the labor standards benefit both American workers and workers in other nations. You will also find on the labor channel historic clips of Hubert Humphrey, J.F. Kennedy, and L.B. Johnson speaking to the Labor movement.

On the Left Documentaries channel, you can find a five-minute fast talking video clip explaining Blackwater and the use of private contractors as part of the United States fighting force. It explains the shadow effect the use of mercenaries has on the war. The death toll of mercenaries is not added to the military death toll for the war. They have not been prosecuted for their roll in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. Blackwater has resisted being placed under military regulation and has resisted liability in civilian lawsuits, making it a company that basically operates outside the rule of law.

Other progressive programming includes the Consumer Advocate channel with a seven-minute video, The Asbestos Nightmare, which has Michael Lynch, an attorney and GoLeft.tv Consumer Advocate, interviewing Milwaukee attorney Will Techmeier on the hidden dangers of asbestos in our workplace. You can find funny thirty-second videos on Heads Up poking fun at the Bush administration. You will laugh all the way through the 2 minute cartoon Why We're in Iraq, by Jim Hightower who explains real reason for the US involvement in Iraq: it's about a new law requiring Iraq to open up it's oil reserves to privatization, making room the Big Oil corporations to plunder Iraq. On the Progressive faith channel, you will find fifteen-minute to twenty-minute segments exploring the intersection of politics and faith. The Ring of Fire exclusives has Air America’s Mike Papantonio interviews with guest from his radio program Ring of Fire. On the Alt Report channel you will find a twelve minute video of Rick Outzen interviewing Jeff Morgan about his fascinating film "Lillie and Leander: A Legacy of Violence," which tells of a lynching in Pensacola, Fla. in 1908 and possible mass murders of blacks in following decades. For a liberal look at the daily news check out The Daily Left where you will find highlights of the days issues important to progressives.

So next time all you can find on TV is right wing programming, turn to your computer and check out GoLeftTV.com. One warning though, the sites video and sound start automatically, so check the sound on your computer before going to the site. Annoying! I know; but the sites content makes it worth a visit.

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