Unlocking the Spirit with Dance

Unlocking the Spirit with Dance
When we hear upbeat music we are often moved into motion, urged by an internal rhythm. We come alive, and our inner being longs for expression. Music and dance is a way to connect with and unleash the spirit within each and every one of us.

Dance has been around since the beginning of humanity. There are many forms of dance that have evolved through the centuries, and not just for entertainment. Dance has been used for ceremonies, rituals, healing, and as a form of courtship. Dancing is a physical and emotional expression, and it is almost always paired with music or a drum beat. Every culture has some form of dance in its history.

Many people love to watch dancing because it is often quite beautiful. There are many styles of dance that are flowing and sensual, and other styles that are energetic and impactful. Dance competitions are one way to enjoy viewing or participating in dance. Some people take lessons as a hobby, while others who have already mastered a particular style enjoy teaching dance to children and adults. Dance classes can be taken at schools or studios, and dance clubs have formed to provide a place to dance socially. Ballets and musical theater are well received. Dancing is invigorating and stimulating to people of all ages.

Structured dance is an appreciated art, but dance can be quite liberating when it is in free form. Try it some time. When you are alone, put on some of your favorite music and feel the notes and the emotions of the song. Let your arms go and your legs move you back and forth. Close your eyes and let your mind relax. Release stress as you focus on the music and become one with it. Let your body take you where it will. As you meld with the music you will become less aware of the world around you and more aware of your inner being.

Letting yourself go and moving to an upbeat tune or a soothing melody can be a very spiritual experience. Some people go so deep within themselves through dance that it becomes a form of meditation. Dance can be a means to freedom, a way to tune into your most private self. Dance is motion and expression. It feels natural, and just feels good. Your body will take over automatically and the inner you will come forth. Enjoy the peace and bliss the experience gives you. Dance is both healing and energizing, and it provides an opportunity for your spirit to emerge and reveal itself.

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