Paranormal Glossary A to D

Paranormal Glossary A to D
Here is a look at some common terms and phrases you will hear related to the topic of the Paranormal.


Absent Healing - Absent healing is done when you aren't in the present of the person who needs healing or in the presence of the person sending healing to you.

Akashic Records – These have become popular among people into the New Age movement. These are records stored in a place called Akasha of all experiences, past, present and future of every human being.

Angels – Spiritual beings who are here to help us. There is some debate as to whether these beings are purely Christian and of the Christian God or if these being as for anyone despite their religious affiliation.

Apparition – used synonymous with the words ghost or spirit. Apparition is usually used when there is a hallucination.

Apport – Is when an object literally appears out of no where. An example is when a séance is taking place and the spirit you are communicating with will make an object appear to prove it is the person you are speaking to.

Astral Body – This is the part of you that leaves your body during astral project. Some people will tell you it is your soul or spirit leaving your body.

Astral Projection – Another term for an out of body experience (OBE). It is believed there is a place called the astral realm where you can visit at will or most people go there accidentally and say they were dreaming.

Automatic Writing – Automatic writing is done when in a trance like state. You write words, sentences, messages, etc without being aware of what is being written.


Banshee – Gaelic legend of an entity thought to announce the death of someone by groaning, wailing and screaming.

Bilocation – The appear of someone in two separate places at the same time

Black Magic – Using spells or rituals to intentional cause harm to someone


Cartomancy – A fortune telling technique done with playing cards.

Channeling – Receiving messages from a spirit usually by allowing the spirit to use the body of someone who is alive.

Charm - A spell or object said to contain magical powers

Clairaudience – Obtaining information through hearing words or sounds from other world beings

Clairvoyant – A person who can communicate messages from other realms without being in a trance like state.


Déjà vu – A feeling that you have met a new person before, done the event that is currently happening before, or that you have visited a new place before.

Dematerialization – The fading out and in of an object or the complete disappearance of something that apports

Divination – The art of using objects or symbols to obtain information. Tools often used are tarot cards, I-ching, runes, reading tea leaves, etc.

Doppelganger – A mirror image or “double” of a living person

Dowsing – Technique used to detect underground water or mineral deposits. Sometimes used to find missing objects or persons. Tools used are called Dowsing rods, divining rods or a pendulum.

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