Another new Golf idea

Another new Golf idea
This idea came from Martin Geraldo called the Golf Ball Launcher and Air Force Golf. It is in memory of his father Joseph Geraldo. This idea came to him after his father had a stroke that left little use of his left side. He felt there should be some way his father or any disabled person could enjoy golf and the idea of the golf ball launcher became a reality. He devised a gun that would shoot a ball as far as a few feet or 300 feet. A game could be played on any golf course and would become a whole new way to play the game of golf. He says that all one needs is a putter and maybe a chipping iron.

His idea was that it would help disabled people plus veterans to enjoy this sport and events could be planned around this type of game. This is all very new as Martin Geraldo was given the opportunity to demonstrate his new Golf Ball Launcher on the Golf Channel TV show called “For Inventors Only”. I have watched this show and it was amusing how many different crazy ideas people come up with to get an OK from the Golf Channel to continue in their research and develop this product. Martin tried to interest different manufacturers when he got the approval but was refused so he decided to produce it himself. This is a long struggle and his new Web site explains it all called

I heard from them in my email here at as a promotion of their new site and to recommend this golf ball launcher and sport to the public. The following is how it was worded.

Birth of the next NEW SPORT for disabled people for golf soon to be
released. No more swinging a golf club, finished product will be out soon.
Check out for more information about this new sport.

I thought this was unique enough to research more on this product. It evidently is very new as the launcher is still not available they hoped to have it ready for sale by October 1st 2007. There isn’t even a picture up yet just a drawing as to what it might look like. Air is pumped into the launcher to different degrees as to how far the golf ball will fly. On a regular golf course you would need the different degrees as to how far the golf hole is you are playing. After reading about this launcher it reminded me of football games when hotdogs are launched into the bleachers as a promotion. Those hotdogs can really travel a long ways.

The whole idea is for disabled, elderly or wounded veterans can participate in a sport and be competitive. They want to interest golf courses into a new type of way to play golf and open up more use of Americas many golf courses. Since I am close to Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas it did cross my mind that it is something that could be started around here. We have several golf courses located in Fort Hood and nearby that could be a way to help increase revenue for their course.

This launcher is not cheap as they advertise that it could cost $795.00 and will be sold through this web site. Then there is a cost of a compressor that can be hooked up to the battery of a golf cart or hand operated. They plan to have all types of equipment one can order from their web site when it gets up and running full time. If you think about what it cost for a set of golf clubs and all the equipment it is not out of line. The web site now is just to introduce the public to Air Force Golf and the Golf Ball Launcher. They also are looking for sponsors, golf courses and plans to become an Association like the PGA and have tournaments and sponsored events. This is big time planning and undertaking and it will need much more advertising in golf magazines, on the Golf Channel, ESPN or other golf outlets before it will become successful.

Check out their web site as it covers many subjects with a Q@A section that tries to explain just how this all will work. Some of the sections of their web site are still under construction but there is plenty there to give you a good idea just how this new sport for disabled golfers is developing. More power to Air Force Golf and that is how the creative mind comes up with something new and different that could be successful. Being creative is what makes our life more enjoyable. Good Luck to Air Force Golf.

My ebook “Golf is Forever” is now available. Check out this web site to find what it is about and how to order a copy.

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