Foreclosure and Effects on the Spirit

Foreclosure and Effects on the Spirit
During difficult economic times, job losses and other factors can affect the livelihoods of people, even to the point of losing their homes. Without the means to pay a mortgage, a house can be foreclosed on by the bank. The loss of one’s home is a devastating event that can negatively impact the spirit. It can be heartbreaking, among other things.

People view their houses as more than just a dwelling. Homes are a place of comfort, a sanctuary, an expression of themselves. A home provides safety and security, a place to raise a family. When faced with foreclosure, all that is reassuring about having a place to call your own is now in jeopardy. The time left in your own space, which you have grown to love, is limited, and other plans need to be made. You may not know where or how to start looking for another place to live because you just can’t think straight anymore. What you have worked so hard for is about to slip through your fingers.

It is common to feel helpless because you can’t stop the process. Fear, apprehension, confusion, and frustration can set in. Even if the foreclosure was not your fault, you may develop feelings of failure, especially if you do not live alone in your home. You may feel that you have not only failed yourself, but you have also failed your family. Anger is another emotion that may take over for a time, which may include anger at your employer if you have lost your job, anger at the government for a bad economy, anger at your bank for not giving you another chance, anger at others if they cannot help you save your home, and even anger at the higher powers that be. Perhaps you are angry with your creator, the world, or fate itself…..maybe even all of these. The stress can be overwhelming.

When you feel that all hope is lost and you are just doomed to suffer bad luck, you have to realize one thing…..the house is just that, a house. Know that true happiness is not based on the building you live in. The real essence of who you are remains inside the deepest part of your soul, which nobody else can touch. As much as you have become emotionally attached to your residence, it does not define who you are. You can create a loving home environment in another place. You have to take action to go on, for yourself and for your family. Even though you have to downsize and live where you may not want to for a time, you will be alright. You have to focus on the most important aspects of your life: your relationships with those you love, and taking care of your inner being.

Be good to yourself during this time. You may need more solitude on occasion for reflection and for calming yourself. Look within to find your resolve and deal with the situation head on. Accept that you will live with less material possessions, but you will still be a unique and loving individual. Embrace change and vow to do your best with what you have going forward. Try to be positive. Lean on friends and family for moral support, and look to your faith for strength to keep you going. Meet with a counselor, a priest, or a mentor if it helps you to maintain perspective. Most importantly, have faith in yourself. This is a rough time that can either ruin you or make you stronger. Opt for survival, and believe that better days are coming.

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