A Nightmare on Elm Street top five deaths

A Nightmare on Elm Street top five deaths
5. Jennifer - (Penelope Sudrow): A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors:

Jennifer’s death is one that is well remembered, because it was when Freddy first started spouting his puns, before doing away with his victims. The film is still credible though, and poor Jennifer, who is desperate to stay awake starts self harming herself again with cigarettes and watching late night T.V. She notices something is wrong when Freddy appears on the screen, as she approaches, the T.V sprouts arms, grabs her, and smashes her head into it. Making it look like just another suicide to the staff at Westin Hills, psychiatric hospital.

4. Taryn (Jennifer Rubin)- A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors:

Another death scene from movie number three, which had amazing special effects and no CGI (the good old days) created by many talented people. Taryn, who used to have a drug habit, foolishly tries to take down Freddy on her own, as the hospital group, led by Nancy, gets separated. Freddy, playing on her worse fears (he does that a lot) turns his blades into syringes and gives Taryn an overdose in her needle marked arms which have become blinking eyes. Gross!!

3. Johnny Depp (Glen Lantz)- A Nightmare on Elm Street:

This was Johnny Depp’s debut movie, playing alongside Heather Langenkamp as her loving boyfriend, in the original, and most credible of the films. Glen doesn’t adhere to Nancy’s ominous warning “Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep” and literally gets dragged into his bed by Kruger, before being spat out as a mass of blood and gore, leaving Nancy to defeat Fred alone. Gallons of fake blood was used while shooting this in a rotating room. Even though the effect went slightly wrong; as the blood was too heavy and shifted the room the wrong way, it still came out looking amazing and the mishap worked to the movies advantage, by adding a surreal look to the death.

2. Phillip (Bradley Gregg)- A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors:

This had to make number two, because it is so grotesque, imaginative and painful to watch. Philip, another Elm Street kid in Westin Hills likes making puppets. When he finally succumbs to sleep, one of his paper-Mache puppets comes to life, growing, and taking on the form of Kruger. Kruger then rips the bed sheet off the terrified Phillip, silences him with fear, and slashes open his wrists and feet. Next, Freddy pulls Phillip’s veins out of the wounds and walks him like a puppet to the top of a tower, before slicing the strings and causing him to fall to his death. This is one of the most gruesome scenes in all of the Nightmare movies, and looks scarily realistic. Special effects man, Doug Beswick, used stop-motion animation to achieve this.

1. Tina Grey (Amanda Wyss)- A Nightmare on Elm Street:

The original movie and the best, it also had the most nasty and vicious death scene of the entire series to date. Tina was Freddy’s first victim (in the Nightmares) and still remains the most well remembered to most Nightmare fans. Tina is the Janet Leigh character, who we think is the protagonist. Her Nightmare is made all the worse by the fact that it’s the first time we ever saw Kruger, the fear Tina portrays, and the length of the nightmare. Poor Tina is woken (or seems to be) by her name being called from her back yard. Going out to investigate proves foolish, as she comes up against Kruger with his arms elongated to reach across an alleyway (fishing lines were used to support the arms). A chase seen then starts, with Kruger appearing directly behind Tina, twice, cutting his fingers off to her horror and ours. Then as she falls to the floor his face comes away into her hands. As we think it can't get any worse - it does.

Screaming, the camera then cuts back to the bedroom where Tina is still asleep with boyfriend Rod (Nick Corri). The audience then realises it's a very real nightmare. Invisible hands pin the sleeping Tina to the bed, rip open her shirt, and then four deep cuts slice her stomach - but we can't see what's doing it! A revolving room is then used, so that it appears Tina flies up in the air and gets literally dragged along the ceiling – all the while being cut over and over, before she finally splashes down back onto the blood covered bed; leaving Rod as the only suspect in her murder. This scene is brilliant in its terror, with Robert Englund and Amanda Wyss playing their parts to the maximum. The special effects are amazing, and without knowledge, leave you pondering - ‘how did they do that?’ It’s also made all the worse because like with Drew Barrymore’s character, Casey, in ‘Scream’ – we aren’t expecting Tina to die. This scene, along with the characters and story of the original film, make it a masterpiece.

A shout out to Heather Langenkamp too, who is brilliant throughout the three Nightmare movies she did, but especially the original. The third, ‘Wes Craven’s New Nightmare’ in which she played herself is also said to be the original post-modern horror, before ‘Scream’. Also, of course, where would the entire franchise be, without Robert Englund as Fred Kruger - the best anti-hero of all time.

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