Fulvic and Humic Acids

Fulvic and Humic Acids
Have you heard of fulvic and humic yet? If you haven’t, here’s a great introduction to these tremendous powerhouse nutrients. If you have heard of them, this information will hopefully expand your knowledge. At any rate, they are two products I highly recommend for everyone who wants to increase their overall health.

Fulvic and humic are derived form the earth. Beneficial microbes in the soil produce both substances, where they transform inorganic minerals into material that is absorbed by plants and humans to supply essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other vital nutrients. The beauty of fulvic and humic is that the nutrients they provide are in a form that our cells can easily and readily absorb. Unlike traditional supplements that may not be fully absorbed into our systems, fulvic and humic are immediately absorbed by cells throughout the entire body.

In a perfect world, fulvic and humic would be found in the soils where our food is produced. Unfortunately, our soils have become virtual dead zones of beneficial organic material and are repeatedly poisoned with pesticides and then supplemented with phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium. The fertilizers provide enough nutrients to make the plants grow, but not anywhere near the variety and quantity of vital minerals and nutrients our foods need to ensure optimum health when we consume them. So even when we eat organic produce, we are still severely lacking a multitude of essential nutrients.

High body acidity is also a function of poor nutrition. Eating highly acidic foods (which are extremely common in Western diets), stress, and the natural function of cellular metabolism all increase the acidic levels in the body. Eating healthy produce is one way to decrease body acidity. But, when the produce is lacking nutrients, it is not as effective at ridding the body of excess acid as it should be. Currently the average American now has an extremely high acidity rate of between 4 to 6 ph. The ideal level is a ph of 7.3 to 7.5. When the acidity rate is high, the body becomes inflamed and prone to many diseases.

Thyroid health and metabolism are connected to high levels of acidity in the body. High levels of acidity can lead to weight gain and an extremely difficult, if not impossible, ability to lose the weight, particularly around the mid-section of the body. This happens because the body makes excess fat to store the excess acid, rather than allowing the acid to attack vital organs. And, eating foods that are lacking in nutrition, cause the body to feel “hungry” simply because it is not getting enough of what it really needs to sustain life. Thus begins a vicious cycle of the body doing all it gain to maintain itself in the face of inadequate nutrition.

Fulvic and humic are known to be outstanding sources of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, natural electrolytes, and antioxidants. As a source of nutrition, fulvic and humic will neutralize acidity and help establish a healthy rate of metabolism and potential for weight loss. Cells in our bodies need electrical energy, without it they die. Fulvic and humic restore and recharge cellular function by providing the cells with the electrical charge they need. As antioxidants and free radical scavengers, fulvic and humic have the ability to repair cells and eliminate harmful free radicals. Fulvic and humic are also excellent substances to detoxify the body of pollutants and chelate dangerous heavy metals.

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