Fulvic & Humic - Tips on Using

Fulvic & Humic - Tips on Using
In my previous article, Fulvic and Humic Acids, I presented an overview of the nutritive and restorative values of fulvic and humic. Fulvic and humic are known to be outstanding sources of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, natural electrolytes, and antioxidants.

I started taking both fulvic and humic about six months ago. The products I use were recommended by my doctor and can be purchased from a company called Mother Earth Labs. The people at Mother Earth Labs are extremely helpful and friendly. It is a small family business and they are very proud of their products and willing to share their expertise.

The fulvic product I use is super concentrated at a rate of 200,000 ppm. It is suggested that any fulvic product be concentrated at a rate no less than 100,000 ppm to be most effective. I simply add about one ounce of the fulvic liquid to 32 ounces of filtered water that I drink throughout the day. It is almost clear in color and is tasteless, while providing a wealth of beneficial minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

I also take a one-ounce “shot” of humic once or twice a day. The humic sold by Mother Earth Labs is called “The Gift”. It is black and tastes a little like soil, but it is easy to take and also packed with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants. It is best to take humic on an empty stomach and avoid taking it before bedtime as the B vitamins in it may cause a boost of energy that may make it difficult to sleep.

Since starting fulvic and humic, I have actually reduced the quantity and number of supplements I take because I now receive them through the fulvic and humic liquids. Of particular note for people taking thyroid medication, or medication for a host of other illnesses, is the effect fulvic and humic have on the way medication reacts in your body. If you are extremely sensitive to your medication, once your body begins working more efficiently, it may be necessary to adjust your dosage of thyroid medication. Just monitor how your body responds – ideally you will feel more energized, alert and stronger. Make sure you let your doctor know that you are taking these supplements. Chances are he/she may not have heard of them – so you can share your knowledge with him/her.

I also want to emphasis the effect fulvic and humic have on metabolism. People who suffer with thyroid disorders also may struggle with weight issues. Personally, I have always believed that calories consumed affect weight gain and loss. However, after gaining a better understanding of the body’s need for nutritious, healthy foods, I believe that calorie consumption is just one piece of the weight loss puzzle.

Fulvic and humic allow the body to become more alkaline. Increasing alkalinity reduces inflammation and the risk of several diseases including cancer. When the body is acidic, it stores the acid in fat. This protects the vital organs, but makes weight loss difficult. As a result of increasing alkalinity, the body is then freed to eliminate the protective fat it has been holding on to.

The minerals and vitamins provided in the highly absorbable forms found in fulvic and humic also prevent the body from feeling “hungry”. Since the nutrients the body needs are available, it doesn’t crave more food. Therefore, when a person adds fulvic and humic to their diet, weight loss is more likely to occur when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. If you have struggled with weight loss, but have been committed to a healthy diet and exercise regimen, adding fulvic and humic to your routine may be the element you have been missing.

Since starting fulvic and humic, I have felt more energized and alert. I love the convenience of taking them – so much easier to just drink them as opposed to taking multiple supplements each day. I still use many supplements, but I find that I can take them less frequently – spread out over a couple of days.

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