My Blueberry Nights Movie Review

My Blueberry Nights Movie Review

Jeremy             Jude Law
Elizabeth          Norah Jones
Arnie               David Strathairn
Sue Lynn          Rachel Weisz
Leslie               Natalie Portman

Director:  Kar Wai Wong
Released: 2007

MPAA Rating:  PG-13 for mature thematic material including violence, drinking and smoking

Jeremy owns a sweet little cafe in New York City.  Elizabeth calls Jeremy's cafe looking for her boyfriend.  Not known by his name, she tells Jeremy what he typically orders and a physical description.  It turns out her boyfriend had been there the night before - with another woman.

The cafe has a goldfish jar of keys left behind by broken hearted patrons - a holding station, of sorts, should they ever choose to open those doors again.  Elizabeth brings her boyfriend's keys to the cafe and drops them in with the others.  This begins a friendship between Elizabeth and Jeremy.  She begins a habit of sitting at the counter and eating blueberry pie every late night.

One night Elizabeth just leaves town. It's evident a relationship is possible with Jeremy, but she just isn't ready to take that step.  She turns up in Nashville and works two jobs.  At night she tends bar and during the day she waitresses.  She's saving money for a car.

A local cop, Arnie, is one of her regular customers at both jobs.  Every night at closing time she has to rouse a very intoxicated Arnie so she can close the bar.  It's apparent his heart is broken.  Still in love with his estranged wife Sue Lynne, he continues to wear his wedding band.  Meanwhile, she's moved on and is dating other men. When she brings a date to the bar, things take a violent turn.

Elizabeth sends post cards back to Jeremy, but doesn't give him any way to reply.  He makes phone calls and sends post cards to pubs in Nashville trying to find her, but has no luck.  Of course, he's looking for an Elizabeth, and she now goes by Lizzie, so that doesn't help matters.

Elizabeth moves on to work as a waitress at a small casino in Nevada.  One night she meets Leslie, a woman serious about her gambling.  Leslie doesn't have a romantic relationship breaking her heart, but rather a strained relationship with her dad.  After a failed poker night, Leslie borrows Elizabeth's car savings from her for one last round of poker.  As a result, Elizabeth finds herself on a road trip to Vegas with Leslie.  On the way, Leslie gets a call with bad news about her dad. 

Almost a year passes before Elizabeth eventually works her way back to New York City. All that time she's continued to write to Jeremy.

This film is made by the cast and the music.  There's a mood to this movie.  The music, bluesy and emotional, includes soundtracks by Norah Jones and completes the atmosphere.  Unfortunately, it's possible all this relaxing music may have put the director into a trance as well.  There's a temptation to fast forward through some of the slower scenes, and there are quite a few.  The pauses within conversations were realistic, but realistic lapses in conversation don't make good film scenes.

There is a pervading sense of sadness for the characters in this film.  Some are prone to excessive drinking and gambling, driven to violence or even suicide.  There are things left unsaid that will never have a chance to be said.  Again, that's realistic but not often entertaining.

I paid for the video rental service that provided this DVD. I was not compensated for my review.

My Blueberry Nights (The Miriam Collection)
My Blueberry Nights - Music From The Motion Picture

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