I have known several people who have the gift of being able to see auras of human beings. Although I sometimes get certain “feelings” about people when I meet them, I do not see auras...or I would have undoubtedly made some better relationship choices in my life!

Cultures and religions from all over the world believe in a central essence or life-force that emanates from human beings. Some believe it also effuses from animals, plants, trees, and even rocks.

Dr. Walter J. Kilner, a physician in London years ago, published a book about the human aura or “atmosphere” in 1911 after extensive research on the subject. It has been suggested that he was the first in the medical community to use the term.

An aura has been described and defined in many ways including an energy field surrounding all matter, and the magnetic force field of the body. Swami Panchadasi believed that the prana, a Sanscrit term, is the vital force of life energy of which the aura is composed. He also believes that anyone can see the aura with practice.

The aura is believed by some to be an egg-shaped “nebula”, as reflected by much of the art from the Renaissance period. Auras were also depicted as haloes of saints in many paintings.

It is said to extend from 2 to 8 feet out from the body. Although, Buddha’s spiritual aura reportedly extended 200 miles!

Composed of all colors, an aura reflects the physical, mental and emotional state and health of the being. For instance, red can mean strength and passion, but can also indicate anxiety. Orange is a color of warmth and creativity, but is also a signal of kidney ailments. Blue conveys calm and quiet; green indicates tendencies of healing and reliability; and, violet can mean an individual is in search of something. Blue can also denote a tendency toward moodiness or depression; and, yellow may mean shyness.

Auras can react to each other, causing a feeling of closeness or dislike to another individual depending on how the frequencies align. Sometimes a “psychic vampire” can drain your aura or energy without even being aware of it.

Like your physical body, an aura can be weakened by stress, lack of exercise and healthy foods, as well as not getting the proper amount of rest. Strengthening your aura can be attained in much the same way as strengthening your physical self: plenty of fresh air, good food, sunshine, and exercise. Relaxation, music, and meditation are all helpful in maintaining your emotional, spiritual and physical health.

In recent years, scientists throughout Europe have “photographed” auras through the use of x-rays. They can’t deny that they have detected hazy, radioactive substances surrounding human beings. Acupuncture, based on internal pathways of energy, has been in use for thousands of years in Eastern civilizations.

Most sources in my research indicate that it is relatively easy to learn to read auras. This is an election year, it can’t hurt to try!


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