Sunsweet PlumSmart Light

Sunsweet PlumSmart Light
Sunsweet PlumSmart Light is a lower calorie version of plum juice. The secret? They don't add in sugar! Isn't it scary that so many fruit juices in modern times have sugar in them? They don't need to!

First, let me say that until recently I didn't drink plum / prune juice. I understood this was a drink that older people drank to keep their digestive systems working smoothly, but my digestive system was working fine with my daily fiber intake. Then I had nose surgery to fix a deviated septum, and I was put on antibiotics because of that. My digestive system went TOTALLY insane and I turned to plum juice as one of the solutions. It really does help!

As far as I can tell from my research, it's not "magic" in plum juice. What it is is, straightforwardly enough, fiber and water in a pleasant tasting mixture. Your body needs that fiber to flush out its insides properly. It definitely needs the water for the same reason. A proper balance of fiber and water help keep your systems flowing smoothly. Plum juice provides both - with 3g fiber per 8oz serving - in a tasty combination.

Not only do you get the fiber which is critical for you, you also get 120% of your Vitamin C, which is also incredibly important for a healthy immune system and healthy skin. The PlumSmart adds in ginger and chamomile too, for soothing calm.

I got pretty addicted to my plum juice once I started drinking it. I went through two full containers before I got around to reviewing one, because I always forgot while drinking it that it was for review purposes. It is very tasty, a nice balance of sweet and tart.

For nutrition information, it has 60 calories, 15g of carbs (minus the 3g fiber, that leaves 12g net carbs). No fat at all, no cholesterol, only 20mg of sodium.

You'll note that 12g of carbs isn't zero - and would be too sweet for people on induction. They should stick with water and fiber pills. However, for people further along in their healthy diet aims, this is quite doable in a normal diet.

Summary? It's very tasty, it's gluten free, it's good for your tummy. I definitely recommend getting LOTS of fiber in your diet in as many ways as you can. Natural plum juice is certainly a good way. Still, there is that caveat that for people just starting low carb and trying to focus on weight loss, there are other ways to get fiber into you which don't involve the natural fruit sugars.

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