Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the 4th installment of the Indiana Jones film series co-written by executive director, George Lucas, launched in 2008 with Steven Spielberg in the director's chair.

Set in 1957, Harrison Ford reprises his role as an older Indiana Jones, now being against his will by agents of the Soviet Union, led by Colonel-Doctor Irina Spalko, played by Cate Blanchett, as they search for the crystal skull.
Posing as US soldiers, the Soviet agents infiltrate a military base in a Nevada desert, Indy is forced to lead them to a crate in "Hangar 51," which holds the remains of an extrarrestrial being that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico 10 years prior.

As Indy attempts to escape during the autoposy, he discovers that his supposed friend and fellow adventurer, Mac McHale, played by Ray Winstone, is actually working for the Soviets. As a action-filled fight and chase takes place, Indy is able to escape into the desert, but stumbles upon a nuclear test area, where he is able to hide in a lead-lined refrigerator to survive the blast. During his debriefing, Indy finds that he's been under investigation by the FBI due to association with Mac.

Upon Indy's return to Marshall College, he is offered the opportunity of taking a leave of absence to avoid being fired. As he leaves the college, he is approached by a young, greaser by the name of Mutt Williams, played by Shia LaBeouf, who carries both a grudge and proposition for the adventurous archaeologist: Help Mutt on a mission to solve disappearance of Indy’s longtime colleague, Harold Oxley, and he could very well make one of the most spectacular finds in archaeological history, the Crystal Skull of Akator, a legendary object of fascination, superstition and fear.

As their hunt for Oxley, and the reason for his disappearance takes Indy and Mutt on an action-filled adventure into the most remote corners of Peru, a land of ancient tombs, forgotten explorers, and a rumored city of gold, they find that they must evade Soviet captivity, face questionable motives from friends and enemies, and follow the trail of mystery, while keeping the Crystal Skull of Akator from falling into the deadliest of hands.


Harrison Ford – Indiana Jones
Shia LaBeouf – Mutt Williams
Cate Blanchett – Colonel-Doctor Irina Spalko
Karen Allen – Marion Ravenwood
Ray Winestone – George (Mac) McHale
John Hurt – Professor Harold Oxley
Jim Broadbent – Dean Charles Stanforth

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