What to Do if Your House is Haunted

What to Do if Your House is Haunted

If the odd occurrences in your home have increased from mildly disturbing to downright frightening, it is undoubtedly time to take action.

Do you sometimes smell odd, unaccountable odors in your house? Feel cold spots in certain areas? Do you ever hear voices, music, footsteps, banging, scratching, or knocking sounds that have no reasonable explanation? Do personal items and gadgets disappear and reappear in unexplainable places? Do lights and electrical appliances turn themselves on and off? Do you feel like you are being watched? Have you ever felt that you were touched when no one was around? Do household items sometimes move around in front of your eyes? Do you notice shadows or fleeting images out of the corner of your eye?

If you have no doubt that you are experiencing the paranormal in your own home,and it is making you uncomfortable, the first thing you might want to do is start keeping a record of all occurrences. Is there any kind of pattern to the times, places (rooms or part of rooms), or family members involved in each event? Does your pet avoid any areas in your home or yard? You could consider setting a tape recorder in an area where you’ve noticed some paranormal behavior. Just leave it there for a couple of hours. Take some pictures of the area at varying times of the day.

Do you know the history of your home? You might want to talk to the neighbors and find out what they know. Check out the chain of title transfers. Investigate the families on the internet, the Hall of Records, or archived city directories and newspapers at the library. Peruse the court records for any violence that might have been reported in the home. Sometimes churches in the area can have helpful information. The more informed you are, the more power you have.

My research indicates that we need to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually strong. Do not be afraid. Do what you need to do to build up your confidence. Stay strong. Eat healthily. Exercise.

Get in touch with your spiritual side. Pray to your higher power. I found it helpful in a personal encounter to read aloud from the Bible while firmly telling the entity to leave my home. It took hours, but it left and did not return. Whatever rituals, practices, or rites bring your spiritual strength . . . this is the time to use them.

Remember, your home is your haven. It is your refuge. You should not have to be afraid in your home. If the hauntings are evil in nature, they seem to draw energy from your fear. If you are unable to control your fear, you should consider getting professional help immediately.

Perhaps the entities that are frightening you don’t realize what is happening. I would try talking to them firmly, explaining this is your home now, and you don’t like what is happening. Explain exactly what they are doing. Maybe they are confused themselves. Ask if there is something you can do to help.

If you seem to be getting no response, you probably need to turn to the experts. If you are Catholic, you could talk to a priest. Ask him to bless the house. Another option is calling in a psychic to guide the spirit to the other side. There are numerous paranormal investigation teams that can be contacted, usually at no charge. Troy Taylor, author of many books on hauntings, has some great advice on finding a legitimate investigation team at https://www.prairieghosts.com/whattodo.html.

Through my paranormal site email here at bellaonline.com, I receive many questions and requests for help. I do my best to answer the questions, and to lead people to the guidance and help they need. Please feel free to contact me here.

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