Working for Longer Drives

Working for Longer Drives
That is everyone’s dream and desire to hit a long drive in control and end up in the middle of the fairway. In the latest Golf Illustrated magazine instruction section it guarantees you will do this in four easy ways. Now this sounds impossible but Deb Vangellow a Director of Instruction in Houston and a top teacher of the year explain how this can happen. She explains the body is designed so that you can hit the ball farther with less effort.

Here is how it explains this amazing feat first by making sure your golf club is fit for you as correct shaft and loft. One will need the correct pivot to compound the action with lateral hip movement and shift of your weight. The diagram in this article shows a guy having the right hip that tilts upward and laterally to the right until the socket is over the right ankle. It explains that the spine remains fixed acting as a fulcrum or swivel for the swing. A good pivot involves a shift-turn away then shift-turn back. This movement will create a club head speed and get your weight moving through the impact zone. This pivot is not a sway so keep the spine in line. Swaying is one of the biggest mistakes in a golf swing, keep that body in line for more power.

Next is the down swing as the left arm will unroll as the upper body coils to return the club head to the ball. The right arm must conform to the action so it will get in a throwing position for power. This is where the right arm and wrist all work together to keep the arm behind the shoulder for a square clubface to the ball. If you have every played baseball or softball you can understand the feeling of powering through a shot with the whole body.

Using the hands to release is like throwing a ball underhanded as this will create club head speed. A conscious delay of the un-cocking of the hands slows down the natural pendulum motion of the club. When you throw the club head at the ball and shift your weight to the left foot putting the face of the club to the back of the ball creates the power to your shot.

This combination of pivot, shoulder turn and the throwing action of the club head will create a controlled and powerful swing. Remember to keep in balance in all parts of the swing and you will find an effortless power so put these suggestions to a test and you will be hitting those drives longer and straighter. It also means an effortless swing and you won't feel your club hit that ball at all, it just flies off the club head.

These are all great suggestion so get to the driving range or even in your back yard and try these suggestions. I have been working on these and have had more luck controlling my swing. It will take lots of practice so the body will react automatically as my problem is keeping myself in balance through the swing. It is my follow through that I need to work on. I can feel the throwing action to the ball and see the club head pass through the ball but the movement to the left foot in balance is not there yet but it is getting there.

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