Bronzed and Beautiful, Ready for Warmer Weather?

Bronzed and Beautiful, Ready for Warmer Weather?
What will it take to get your skin ready for the onslaught of heat and humidity? Not only will your skin care regimen deal with your face, your entire body is in focus here. The answer is simple, are you ready to take action?

Beauty from Within

Let's work from the inside out. Since beauty begins in your colon, it's all about what you eat. Not only does warmer weather mean great looking skin, it also brings attention to your body. You know the rest of the skin you're in. What you see is what you get and your skin talks to you on a daily basis.

When you see breakouts or dull lifeless looking skin, you're witnessing the lack of proper nutrition and your skin is talking to you. Not only will you need green foods to feed your cells, you'll also need to consume at least half your body's weight in water.

Eating green foods and consuming water allows you to move toxins through your system. When your body holds onto poisons and bacteria not only does it cause skin irritations, swelling and inflammation, it causes you to gain weight. We both know the last thing you want to see is weight gain. I mean, after all, we're talking warmer weather and that means showing a little more skin. Ok, some people can hold up on the booty shorts, we don't need to see that much skin, especially in public.

Back to food and skin, not only will the right foods give your skin a beautiful glow, the right foods have been known to help with weight loss. The next time you want to have a piece of wild caught grilled salmon that's been marinaded in a honey dijon sauce, add a side salad of kale, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onions and bell peppers topped with sea salt and olive oil. Not only will you get your green foods, you'll also get your omega 3 vitamins in the fish.

The key to beautiful skin from eating healthy foods is to be creative and consistent. While we're talking about warm weather habits, you can use the same rules in cooler temperatures.

Beauty Products on the Outside

When it comes to ethnic skin or skin of color, what you choose to use on top of your skin is just as important as what you take into your body.

Since your skin is the largest organ of your body AND it absorbs everything that's applied to it topically, natural and organic ingredients are your best choice for black skin care.

Green tea, Shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, coco butter, mango butter, essential oils and hyaluronic acids are great ingredients to have in your skin and hair care products.

Whether its cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums, shampoos or conditioners, these natural ingredients help to nurture, nourish, replenish as well as soften and moisturize your skin and hair.

A simple skin care regimen of cleansing, toning and moisturizing on a daily basis will keep your skin looking soft, youthful and radiant. Add a serum every other day, exfoliate twice a week and a mask once a week, and you'll have people trying to guess your age. Don't forget your sunscreen!

I've given a few tips just to get you started. Be patient with yourself, choose the best foods and skin care products, organic is always suggested and enjoy the warmth of the sun on your skin.

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